Finding Amy

I wanna be the one who can be happy.

I wanna breathe myself in deeply. 

There’s room for me to love the person I am. 

Without consent or consequence from him, her, you, or them. 

I am worth the time I extend to learning who I am and where I fit into this cruel world. 

My eyes reflect back to myself as if they were jeweled. 

My needing has been rendered pointless. 

The argument to keep me must be relentless. 

The feeling of love should be mutual and unique. 

Like a romance of light bouncing off the window of the corner boutique. 

What say you of me?  I really don’t care. 

This isn’t about you… As I flash you a blank stare. 

I am loving me now to the best they took away. 

My loyalty to not dwindle as I’m here to stay. 

I have to find myself without anyone else to help. 

The one that I will be open to will need to scream or yelp. 

To those that broke me, I’m finding my way back. 

You didn’t win against me… I picked up your slack.