The Introduction of E. M. Kingston

Welcome friends to the ramblings of my subconscious! It is always hard to find the right words to introduce myself, as I am not good at speaking out front about who I am.  I will just share a little and hope that it intrigues you to read further.

As a young girl, poetry always challenged my mind to think in different directions..with my creativity peaking when I discovered poetry in the 6th grade.  It started with rhymes of my teachers (some getting me in quite a predicament with those said teachers), and then I started writing poems about nature and the world around me.  It became an outlet for me to express myself in ways that helped me understand more than letting others into my world.  As time has gone on, a darkness has filled a few of my writings, and it brings me to where I am today…rambling on about life, happiness, and even strife that I conquer or fail at in my everyday boring life.

I hope that my writings will touch you in a way to make you love what you are reading or allow you to relate to the feelings which I am bringing forth to you…the public.

Merry meet,

E. M. Kingston


The fear inside screaming out loud
You find yourself in the middle of pain
Looking for that tiny little shroud
Of hope…keeping you steady and sane

Torn up… on the deep of your insides
Causing your heart to feel panicked
Your mind going on roller coaster rides
You find yourself feeling quite manic

Struggling…not able to breathe in and out
The pressure on your shoulders hold you down
Teetering on what is real or what it’s all about
You feel like your under…ready to drown

via Daily Prompt: Panicked

Ramblings – May 2, 2017

My virtual world sometimes takes over my real world.  It has a control of me that I cannot explain.  I make all these plans to get tasks done, and then hours pass with me still playing my games.

There will be more posts tomorrow.  Thank you to everyone who has followed me and commented.  The control shall be mine tomorrow…I hope! 🙂

via Daily Prompt: Control

New Love

She walked in the door
Dressed in all her splendor
Her look caught his wandering eye
He went to her with candor

She outstretched her hand towards him
A merry meet on her mind
He balanced the soft of her hand at his lips
Bringing an explosion of energy so divine

Her knees went weak
His kiss trailed up her arm
No intentions of stopping him
No need to throw the alarm

A new feeling filling up her heart
Her past brought nothing but tears
She could get used to the treatment
An apprentice to his love for years

via Daily Prompt: Apprentice

Memories of Grandma

via Daily Prompt: Yarn


Whenever I think of yarn, I think of my grandmother.  She was always crocheting something beautiful.  She would sit there on her little love seat, no matter the season, and craft away at a new blanket with her yarn purse at her side.  Her crochet basket was always full of so many colors, needles, and patterns…granny squares covered the cloth bottom.

She had a small closet under the stairway that went upstairs, and it had shelves stacked from top to bottom.  Guess what was in there?  Oodles and oodles of yarn organized by colors filled the shelves, of course, all protected by mothballs.  It looked like a closet of rainbows.  As a child, the scent of the mothballs mixed ith the yarn was a pleasant one.  I loved walking into that closet and seeing all the different reams of string that she had picked up.

I remember we would go to K-Mart specifically to get yarn.  I was always excited to do this because I got to pick out some spools of it too.  She liked Red Heart, and I liked anything that felt soft and fluffy.  I would usually get the calico colors…the ones that changed as you pulled them out of the spool.

We’d check out and head back home.  Then she would put her new yarn in her basket, make me something to eat, and get to work on her new project.

Man, I miss her so much.  I see her face now smiling with that needle in hand…a cigarette burning in the ashtray on the side table.  It’s such a good memory…one I haven’t had for a while.

xoxo E.M.


I was awoken by a crash of thunder this morning.
It feels like I haven’t slept at all.
I am tired of all the thunder storming.
Can someone please put the rain “on call”?

It’s one of those moments that make my heart race.
I placed my hand over my heart in fear.
The pillowcase is still showing where my head embraced.
The boom was so loud that it graced my eye with a tear.

The lightning clashed with a flash of bright light.
I quickly pulled the blankets over my messy head.
It filled this room with its mighty strobe of white.
Can it just stop now? And let me go back to bed?

I tossed and I turned, and I forced my eyes to close.
It was clear that my body was on defense.
I sighed, and I huffed…and with self-force, I rose.
It seems my desk chair got a good rinse.

I put a blanket on my extremely wet chair.
The window was full-open all night.
I cracked open a Pepsi, and I lit my smoke.
Then I rubbed my eyes until they were open bright.


Liebster Blog Award


Thank you to stoneronarollercoaster blog for nominating me the Liebster Blog award. I am so excited as this is my first nomination for any blogging award.  I appreciate it greatly! 🙂

The rules of this award:
1. Acknowledge the blog who nominated you and display the award.
2. Answer the 11 questions the blogger gives you.
3. Give 11 random facts about yourself.
4. Nominate 11 blogs.
5. Notify those blogs of the nomination.
6. Give them 11 questions to answer.

11 Questions For The Nominees

  1. Your favorite Movie?

    My favorite movie would have to be The Breakfast Club.  I love that movie!

  2. Your one skill/hobby that you use to heal yourself?

    I ground myself and meditate.

  3. A book that changed your perspective/life?

    Bag of Bones — It was the first book that I read, and it really shows you in the beginning of it that life is way too short.

  4. 3 things you absolutely have to have in your dream house?

    Hmm.  Three things I would absolutely have to have in my dream house would be a wrap-around porch, an open floor plan, and a hot tub.

  5. The most ecstatic moment of your life?

    Each birth of my three children.

  6. One thing you know you are good at?

    Wet-sanding a vehicle to prep it for paint…

  7. Your current favorite song?

    A Million Reasons – Lady Gaga

  8. The biggest risk you have taken so far?

    Saying “Goodbye”.

  9. Your favorite quote?

    “Fiction is the truth inside the lie.”
    ― Stephen King

  10. Cats or dogs?

    Both…I tend to take in all the strays that come along.  We even have a possum that found sanctuary here, and we feed her.

  11. Your favorite joke?

    My favorite joke is anything joke that makes me laugh.  I cannot think of one that would be appropriate to post.  *laughs*

11 random facts about me

  • I am a TV junkie.
  • I am not a big fan of reality shows, except cooking ones.
  • I don’t really care for chocolate.
  • My favorite Stephen King book is Bag of Bones.
  • I only need two things to be happy when I wake up, cigarettes and Pepsi.
  • I am a night owl.
  • I am a Gemini.
  • I hate confrontation.
  • I love to use profanity.
  • I play a game called Second Life.
  • I’ve had a couple surgeries since March 2016.

My Nominees (in no particular order)


11 Questions For The Nominees

  1. Who is your biggest inspiration when writing?
  2. What do you like to do when you aren’t blogging?
  3. What is the first thing you do every morning?
  4. What are three things you need to survive?
  5. What is your favorite writing topic?
  6. What kind of music do you like?
  7. Pepsi or Coke?
  8. What is your greatest fear?
  9. Where do you like to vacation?
  10. What is your favorite food?
  11. What is your favorite quote?

Sweet Scent

via Daily Prompt: Perfume

The smell of your skin

Lingering upon mine

That sweet scent of love

I sniff and reminisce

Your essence like perfume

Bringing memories to illuminate within

Radiating to all my senses

Luring me to breathe you in

Longing for more time with you

I find myself craving your presence

You’re my love drug…

I can’t get enough

I’m addicted.


Water Worlds

Another rainy day

In this month of April showers

The world has turned green again

I am ready for the May flowers


Can it rain every day?

What could that mean?

Would swells fill the bay?

Flood the creeks and streams?


Would we live in a water world?

Would land be in sight?

Like a blanket of water that swirled

Following forever against the moon’s light


Exploring and finding forbidden islands

Via boats and homemade crafts

The water rippling dirt rather than sands

Houses making the deconstructed rafts

Could we live this way forever?

It could be in nature’s design

Mother Nature is quite clever

But this was only in my mind…