Closing Out All the April Challenges [REBLOG]

A very cool way to interpret my questions into a poem about a mystical hotel! Experience Writing also gives a nice closing to the month of April in this post and shows love to some other prompts for everyone to participate in.

Experience Writing

This Sunday is the first of the month, and all the challenges are over, but I thought I would close with a visual poem guided by a homograph.

Coming to a Close by Maria L. Berg 2022


I really enjoy homographs that have different pronunciations. Close can be an adjective or adverb; a noun or verb.
Pronounced klohs
adjective – near in space or time: near in relationship: parts or elements near to one another: compact, dense (a close weave)
adverb – tightly: near or within proximity
Pronounced klohz
noun – the end or conclusion (the close of the day)
verb – to cover an opening; shut: (tr) to bar, obstruct, or fill up: to bring the parts or edges of (a wound, etc) together or (of a wound, etc) to be brought together, unite.

I think of: closing a lid; closing a door; cutting it close; That was…

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Friends [Reblog]

Such beautiful imagery…crafted in my mind with words!

Writer Ravenclaw

There was a time when all we had was time.

Now, this was but a snippet of history, where three friends got together, in a busy world. Once a month, on a Sunday, we ditched our husbands, and children and took an hour to marvel at the clouds.

”That one looks like an elephant, on a roller coaster,’ Julie said, her brunette hair now out of a bottle. She went grey a few years ago, but never did lose her spirit.

‘Hmm . . . Let me think,’ I said, for I was always the one in her own world. ‘I think that looks like a horse, on a beach, with flowers in its hair.’

Masie said nothing, she was too busy snoring. She didn’t want to look at the clouds today, all she wanted to do was sleep. Mind you, when you are the mum of a three month…

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Forgotten [Reblog]

The bridge is very patient in waiting! I hope it sees fame again. This is a very creative interpretation of the prompt! Thank you, Ravenclaw! 🙂


Writer Ravenclaw

A steady stream of celebrities used to cross this bridge, but now it is empty and alone. Its red carpet gone, now it remembered the times when they could spout the names. Tony Blackburn, Phil Tufnell, Joe Pasqaule, Carol Thatcher, and so many more.

The laughter, the sunshine, everyone in good spirits. There were fireworks which lit up the sky. Bright colours brought this little bit of jungle to life. Now nothing. One day, the bridge hoped, would bring more fame across his thin walkway.

Until then, he would wait, until the pandemic was over.

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Em’s April 2022 writing prompts week 1 [Reblog]

It went from the dark into the light, and I loved this! A beautiful interpretation of my prompt! Thank you, Carol Anne!


Therapy Bits

It was a cold, bone-chilling day in the forest, but he kept going…

He wanted to reach his cabin before it got dark.

Suddenly he heard a noise. What was that?

He stopped, and listened intently. There it was again.

OMG he thought! Some wild animal is going to eat me!

He quickened his pace.

Leaves and twigs crunched under his feet, but that noise? It came from a nearby tree.

He decided he’d be brave and go investigate.

As he got closer to the tree he spied what it was that was making the noise.

It wasn’t a wild animal that would eat him like he thought.

No. It was a squirrel looking for nuts.

How could he have been so stupid? A tiny squirrel? He thought it looked cute.

Come on, buddy, he said. Come with me, I have lots of nuts and seeds at my cabin, I’ll…

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Snarky Snippets, Volume MMCMLXXX [Reblog]

My friend, Jill, always has a way of saying the things that I am thinking. She always keeps me up-to-date with her posts, and I am so thankful that I am not the only one that feels that there were more pressing things to air on TV than Will Smith smacking the crap out of Chris Rock all day and into the night. I go on my social media, and that is all I see as well.

And you know what they say about the “shoulda, coulda, wouldas”… We need to see some “will, can, must”, especially when it comes to the prosecution of #45.

Filosofa's Word

Some days every bit of ‘news’ I read raises my hackles.  Especially these days when one actor slapping another at the Academy Awards is the major news story of the day … never mind that the Russians are bombing the hell out of Ukraine, people are fleeing and people are dying.  Never mind that we have a major divide in this nation that isn’t going to resolve itself any time soon and that is likely to lead to major chaos during the mid-term elections in November.  Never mind that schools are depriving children of an education and states are depriving women of their right to healthcare.  Never mind that the majority of states are engaging in unique ways to take away our right to vote, while Congress sits on their patooties whistling Dixie!  No … let’s just worry about a couple of actors acting like juveniles!  Grrrrrrrrrrr.  So, you get…

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Priorities [Reblog]

When I read this post, it made me want to get back to work on issues that need to be fixed and worked on in this country. Jill’s post below is a great list of priorities and so powerful. “We the People” is sometimes forgotten by all of the citizens of the United States, and we need to bring the people power back into the 21st century. “We the People forget that politicians work for us…including the President!

We the People need to do better at making our voices heard for people that do not know that their voices exist or will be heard.

The people are who the government works for, and my question for you is:
Have you found your voice?


Filosofa's Word

There just might be something wrong with our priorities when …

  • The United States Supreme Court, the highest authority in the land, refuses to step in to protect voting rights, women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, or other civil rights, but … they can find the time and energy to give a murderer the right to “be touched” during his execution.
  • On Monday, a Boeing 737 crashed in China. I got the breaking news on my phone in the wee hours of the morning, but later on I had to search for information about the plane and its 132 passengers.  There was, however, plenty of news about Justice Clarence Thomas being hospitalized for a non-COVID infection.
  • The United States Senate found it in their little cold, dark hearts, to pass a bill making daylight savings time permanent, thereby screwing with our circadian rhythms for the rest of our lives, but they could…

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The Week’s Best Cartoons 3/26 [Reblog]

Jill is sharing some very relevant cartoons again this week! The Clarence Thomas one was my favorite!

xoxo, E.M.

PS: Thank you, Jill for always keeping me in the loop!

Filosofa's Word

Let’s start this Sunday out with the week’s best political cartoons from TokyoSand over at Political Charge, shall we?  Many topics to tackle this week … the confirmation hearings for Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, the Russian war in Ukraine, fuel prices, the emails between Clarence Thomas’ wife and Mark Meadows … whew … it’s enough to wear us out, but the political cartoonists are at their best!  Thank you, TS!

Here’s some of the great cartoons I saw this week about the confirmation hearings for Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, the war in Ukraine, and more.

See all the ‘toons at TokyoSand’s Political Charge!

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