Happy Halloween!

It’s been a great day! My Saints beat Brady and the Bucs, and I just watched my middle child leave with my grandbaby to go trick or treating. It’s her first Halloween, and she loves it. She was actually trying to kiss the Jason mask that my daughter wore lol…I will write more soon with the challenges, but I hope you all have had an amazing Samhain.

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Sebastian’s Story – Part 8 – Detective Marlow

“Thank you for being here, Finn.  I know Davina would feel better knowing you are here with me.” Fiona spoke sincerely with a regretful sadness in her voice. “I wish we could have talked to you sooner.”

“I’m sorry that I did not get wind of Cole’s activities sooner, Fiona.  I am so damn sorry.  I loved her like a sister, you know?”

“I know.  She loved you too.  It’s something that we always knew could happen, him finding us, but I never thought he would kill her.”

“She got too close to the business and rejected Megan’s proposal.  Plus, Cole is a complete psychopath.  Brooke suffered the same fate, but I feel stupid that I never saw the hatred between the family and my Brooke.”

“Brooke was a great girl and great friend to Davina.  I think she kept Davina focused on the good aspects of their lives rather than the mess they were stuck in.  I still do not think it was a suicide…Megan had something to do with it.  Conniving bitch…”

“Yeah…that part.” He noticed Fiona getting agitated.

With her anger building thinking about Megan again after so long, Fiona decided to step away for a moment.  She raised up from the couch and went to the kitchen to grab them some more coffee, patting Sebastian on the head as she wandered past him.  He was playing with Klaus and his ball on the floor.  She looked back at Finn and noticed the bewildering look upon his face.  He was fighting demons inside of himself, especially when it came to dealing with the Devilles.

Finn Marlow was not a stranger to loss, and now Fiona had lost the only daughter she had.  Thank goodness for Sebastian, she mused. She had no idea how she was going to get through losing her, but she knew investing her time with Sebastian was the answer. 

“Finn, how did you do it?  Cope with losing them…”, Fiona asked as she walked back to the room with coffee in hand for both of them.

“Honestly, I became obsessed with stopping them.  I used my anger to fuel my desire to bring them down.  Brooke would have been so disappointed with how much I tried to hurt them.”

Fiona looked at the clock as it chimed seven times just when he finished speaking. Finn shook his head and frowned at himself for letting so many bad things happen.  It made him begin to think about the beginning of it all when life was much easier because he did not know how one family could cause so much turmoil. 

“Fiona, I meant to thank you for the flowers when Mom passed on.  I was afraid if I reached out that he would find you.  A lot of good that did, huh?”

“Hey, we got away because of you.  We were always thankful for you getting the Marshalls involved to get us relocated.  When Brooke died, we knew it was only a matter of time before Cole escalated.  I was the last to know that he had already been abusing her for years.”

“They found Aurora a few weeks ago.  She had been missing since right after we moved you, Davina, and Sebastian away from Cole.”

The fear shook Fiona inside her bones.  Poor Aurora, she thought with a tear rolling down her blushed cheek.  “She died for us? How terrible…”

“It was gruesome…I’ll spare you the details.” He tapped on his coffee cup.

“Thanks for that…she was a sweet lady.  She reminded me of Brooke.  They were a lot alike in how she handled our families.” She patted Finn on the leg.  “I think I will go have a shower.  Sebastian is okay with you for a little bit?”

“Sure, I got you.  Take care of yourself.” He smiled at Sebastian who was looking at him as he answered Gammy.

As Detective Marlow kept an eye on Sebastian, Finn began reflecting back to the beginning of how he became a detective.  He had lost two people that he loved very much because of the seedy life that the Deville family lived with their children.  In retrospect, he should have seen that they were bad people, but it was hard to see past the blinders that they put out for the world to see.  Even though everyone was close in the early stages of friendship and comradery, it was hard to accept that the Devilles would be capable of ruining so many lives with their evil doings.

It was in the Fall semester of his freshman year at the University of Arkansas that Finn got the gut-wrenching phone call that changed his life forever. 

“Mr. Marlow, I am looking to speak to Finn Marlow.” It was an unfamiliar voice on the other end of the line.  A female…she sounded sad, and Finn would never forget that voice.

“This is Finn.  Who is this?”

“Um yes.  My name is Sarah West.  I wanted to have this conversation in person, but I realize that is not…Mr. Marlow…we have found your mother.”

“Found her…she’s not missing.  What do you mean, Ms. West.”

This was the first time Detective Sarah West did a notification call as a homicide detective.  She was very nervous and hated talking to him over the phone to tell him that his mother was gone.

“She was found outside of town, and she is gone, Mr. Marlow.  She’s passed.”

“What?  No…what are you saying?  My mother is dead?” He could feel a lump building in his throat and his chest tightened with despair.  “You called and are telling me over the phone that my mother has died…what happened?”

“I’m sorry for your loss and for the way I had to notify you.  We need you to come in to get her personal belongings.  Will you be able to make it back to Roland?  I know you are away at school, but maybe you can make sense of what we found on her.”

The detective sounded sincere, but Finn had no idea what was going on.  His mother was found dead about 10 miles outside of town by Lake Maumelle.  She was cryptic and was not telling him much. She had spared him the details that day, but later in his career, he found out she had been shot execution-style in her head, beaten severely, and sexually assaulted.  The murderer did not even attempt to hide the body.  It was laying in plain sight.  They thought it was a carjacking gone wrong, but her car was never found.  Still, to this day, Finn looks for his mother’s grocery getter with tips that come every so often, and she had been gone for 5 years now. 

“Sure.  I will come back tonight.”

When he spoke, his voice was full of pain.  He was having a hard time keeping it together.  He thought about his brothers and about how to tell them. 

He packed up an overnight bag with a few outfits and essentials and headed back home.  It was going to be a long drive home.

For my new readers, this is an ongoing story. Here are the previous posts:

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xoxo, E.M.

© E.M. Kingston

Haunted Night Out

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She heard the whisper creeping across her ear.

Her gaze was more serious than candid as it approached her.

While the lonely apparition crossed before her eyes, she gasped.

The collar of her costume clung tightly to her neck with her hand in his.

With each step further into the haunted house, she was distraught.

It was horrific fear that would mate with her soul and set it on fire.

To be frank, she could not wait to reach the end of this horror.

As daylight grazed through the end of the hall, she rushed out.

She flailed into his arms, thinking “No more haunts for me.”

© E.M. Kingston

What I Am Thankful For

This is my first time doing this Ten Things of Thankful (TToT) prompt, and I think I will do it on a weekly basis to keep my mind positive. It’s amazing all of the ways that I find to heal myself through this blog, and with that said, let’s begin my list. They are in no particular order, and they are just the first things that come up when I think of thankfulness.

I am thankful for the following:

  • My Children – they are so strong, and they make me proud each and every day.
  • My Grandbaby – she is the smartest, sweetest, craziest little person that I am blessed to be around.
  • My Blog – it helps me heal my inner demons and darkness.
  • My Followers – your feedback makes me a better writer and person.
  • The Creators – I never thought I would find so many good people through growing my blog and participating in challenges. You guys rock!
  • The Roof Above – Yes, I am thankful to have this roof hanging about my head. I have been without one before, and this roof is a good roof to have.
  • Basic Needs – everyone needs them, and I am thankful to have a warm shower, food in my mouth, and a bed to lay my head.
  • My Dreams – they make me who I am and who I will strive to be.
  • My Past – it taught me who I do not want to be or become in my life, and it has showed me my strength. You sometimes have to look back in order to go forward.
  • My Mental Health – it makes me who I am also. I spent a lot of time hating who I am and what I am because of having problems with my mental health. To be honest, it makes me pretty unique, and even in the darkness of it’s grips, I am now finding light.

xoxo, E.M.

Sebastian’s Story – Part 7

Sebastian was having the time of his life with Sharon’s daughter, Jenna.  They were just months apart in age, and he always had a great time playing with her.  He smiled when Gammy walked through the door, and he jumped up from playing cards on the floor with his friend to give Fiona the biggest hug.

“I missed you, Gammy.  Mommy home?”  He was so cheerful.

He was still hanging onto her really tight and could not see Fiona’s grimace when he asked her the one question she wanted to avoid. What will I even say to him, she thought to inside her perplexed mind.  Everything was okay yesterday, and everything felt broken today.  She had no idea what tomorrow would bring.  Last week her daughter was living and breathing by the grace of God, and now Davina was gone…never coming back.  I have no idea how to answer that question, she thought even deeper.

“Not yet, sweetheart…hopefully we will hear from someone soon,” Fiona answered regretfully.

“Okay Gammy, can I still plays with Jenna?”

“Sorry, but we have to go for now, but we will see Jenna real soon, okay?” She spoke and gathered Sebastian’s belongings as she replied. “Here now… let’s get your coat on, and I want to introduce you to a friend when we get out to the car.”

Sebastian smiled sweetly and nodded while taking Fiona’s hand in his own.  She wanted to hold his hand forever and not let go.  He skipped to the door and opened it up.  Detective Marlow was there leaned up against the unmarked police car.  Marlow smiled at Sebastian and opened the back passenger side door for the little boy and Fiona.  Fiona met Marlow with sad eyes as she ducked inside the door. 

She did not know how to tell Sebastian what was going on, and she needed to find a way to tell this boy that all he had left was her.  She could not let him see that she was hurting from her earlier visit to the morgue.  He was such a sweet child, and Fiona was glad that he did not sense any danger or despair coming from the situation that they were in. She would pray for him each time that she had to rescue him and Davina away from Cole in the early abuse.  Hell, she prayed for them both and herself.  The Deville family was sinister, and Cole was like a boogeyman to Sebastian after witnessing all the abuse of his mother and suffering some of the abuse himself.  He’d been through so much at such a young age.  Fiona always hoped it would be possible for him not to remember his father at all, but that was wishful thinking.

It had only been an hour since seeing Davina laying on the examiner’s table, and the thought was haunting in the mind of Fiona.  No one should ever have to see their baby laying on a table like that…dead and cold.  In college, she had to deal with seeing cadavers for certain classes, especially her anatomy class, and it was always such a heavy feeling in her soul.  She was not fond of working on dead flesh.  As no one would enjoy that unless they were insane or a necrophiliac.  Eww…gross, she thought as her mind wandered for that moment.  Her anatomy teacher would always meet her work with esteem and since she was top of her class, and she worked harder than most.  With Fiona being such a huge influence in Davina’s life, she had come by her work ethic honestly, and now she was just gone…no longer living…a solo body on a sterilized metal table.

Chapter 4

Sebastian sat on the seat of the police cruiser looking around curiously at all the differences between the back seat of the Corolla that Davina drove and that of Marlow’s police vehicle. He observed his surroundings in a different manner than most 3-year-olds, but on the other hand, everything was an adventure for him.  He was very advanced when it came to his intellect.  Fiona always figured that all of the reading Davina and Sebastian embarked upon on her days off contributed to his heightened level of learning.

“Hey, mister…we go see momma now?”

Detective Marlow looked at Fiona in the rear-view mirror, and he too could not find words to say to the curious boy.  He looked back at the road and continued driving for the moment.

“Umm, not yet Sebastian.  We have a few stops to make.” Marlow stated carefully.  Fiona noticed how uncomfortable he was lying to Davina’s sweet son.

“Sebastian, we may not see Mommy for a while because she is visiting Auntie Brooke…”, she spoke softly with a tear pouring out of the inside corner of her eye.

“But…Auntie Brooke is in heaven, Gammy.  Mommy went to heavens?”

The look on his face was painful to look at, and the sound of his voice brought more tears to her eyes.  His tiny heart was breaking right before Fiona’s eyes, and there was nothing she could do about it but allow him to feel his pain.  She would sell her soul for him if it would make him not experience this loss.  Then, as she cleared her thoughts, he gripped her hand tight and let out a cry that she had never heard from him before.  She unbuckled his seatbelt and pulled him onto her lap hugging him tightly as he let it all out. 

“It’s okay sweet boy…Gammy’s got you.  Gammy’s got you.”  Fiona spoke softly in his ear as she rocked him in her lap in the back of the Caprice police car.

Detective Marlow also found a tear falling down his cheek feeling the pain of a child losing his mother.  Marlow could relate to the feeling.  It’s why he pursued a career in law enforcement in the first place…his mother’s murder.  He thought on that for a second or two, and it brought back so many memories of growing up with Cole Deville.  They were best friends in high school, and their mothers were best friends as well.  He grew up knowing that Cole’s family was different, but he never thought that his mother would suffer her death due to the friendship.  He could not permit this family to get away without punishment any longer. 

He tapped his finger on the steering wheel as he drove through the first snow of the season, and the roads were getting hard to navigate.  Upon the left side of the highway, their road finally revealed itself through the hard pour of snow, and he turned in to head down to the family’s home.  It was down a long gravel lane that was hugged with ancient-looking trees.  It was a natural canopy of trees above them, and you couldn’t see through to the road once you got into the thick of them.  In the clearing, after passing the trees, was the cutest little cottage with big windows.  They were home.  No Davina. 

They could hear Klaus barking excitedly as they walked up to the door.  Marlow secured the location, and they all went inside. 

It would be a week before the city could permit the family to have the funeral because of the autopsy and the investigation, so until then they had to sit tight for a little while.  Sebastian went straight to his dog.

“Klaus, I missed you!” Sebastian said as he hugged his little dog so tight. “Mommy is in heaven with Auntie Brooke…I’ll feeds you now.”

Fiona and Detective Marlow looked at one another with sorrow, but they smiled down to see Sebastian confiding in his best friend. 

“Tomorrow’s another day…”, Fiona said to the detective.

Finn Marlow nodded in agreement, “Indeed.  I’ll put some more units around the area for protection.  I’ll keep you safe.”

For my new readers, this is an ongoing story. Here are the previous posts:

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xoxo, E.M.

©E.M. Kingston

Flashback Friday – Grounded Happily

This post was originally published on October 29,2020. I am sharing it again for Fandango’s Flashback Friday. I remember this day very well. It was a good day and clarified my standing with myself. I lost it again somewhere between then and now, but I am slowly coming back up.

It’s funny how time changes when you are alone.

Sometimes it flows slower because you are not racing to make anyone else happy anymore.

You can take a moment to breathe in a deep breath, and that breath revives your inner-self and soul.

It feels so good that even your bones feel free of release from pain, stress, worry, and anxiety.

You feel loose rather than the tightness of glue on your skin.

Alone feels like freedom when you allow yourself to feel truly in your own skin and space that belongs only to you.

You feel grounded.

Your soul regroups.

Then you’re able to feel surrounded by yourself and feel like you’re not alone anymore. 

© E.M. Kingston 2020

Fibbing Friday – Halloweeny Fibs 10/29/2021

Friday fun starts with Fibbing Friday, and this week’s fibbing is of a spooky theme since Halloween is around the corner. I love Halloween, except I call it Samhain. The veil lowers, and it brings about good things for the harvests to come. Let’s get to fibbing *giggles*

  1. Why does garlic repel vampires?

    Garlic has the same effect as water on gremlins. The smell of it makes them bubble and pop out baby bats from their backs.
  2. What do you need to kill a werewolf?

    A lady werewolf…
  3. What is the purpose of a Jack-o-lantern?

    A Jack-o-lantern is supposed to be a portal to bring Jack Skellington to your Halloween parties.
  4. What exactly is a ghoul?

    A ghoul is like a cute little puppy and is full of sunshine. It farts rainbows.
  5. Why can’t vampires enter a home unless invited?

    Because not even vampires can dodge a breaking and entering charge…immortal or not.
  6. Why can’t vampires cross running water?

    It would mess up their really good hair, and their shoes are really expensive.
  7. What does a chupacabra eat?

    Little Debbie snack cakes…
  8. What is the name of the three-headed dog that guards the gates of the underworld?

    Niklaus Mikaelson…he’s in super hybrid form.
  9. Who are the Stygian Witches?

    Joan Ferguson, Chucky’s Bride, and Baby Shark
  10. What alcoholic beverage is thought to be the true origin of witches’ brew?

    Tequila…it magically makes your clothes fall off *giggles*

Beautiful Storm

Photo by Kelly Ritta on Pexels.com

Rain tapped softly at the bedroom window.

Tiny little drops filled up my window sill.

As the lightning began bullying its way through the puffy, dark clouds.

The fresh smell of clean air brisked past my nose from the wind.

The taps of water and the booms of the thunder are like music to my ears.

It’s rapping on the clay of the pot sitting outside the window.

Mother nature’s wit came out in full force as the storm got stronger.

She was the putative conductor of my peace and sanctity of the day.

The drought subsides with her nature’s hose.

It was such a beautiful storm for me.

© E.M. Kingston

Nicknames – E.M.’s Memories

This is my first Throwback Thursday, and I loved the topic. If you want to join in on the fun, click here and tell us about your nicknames.

Did you grow up with a nickname?

My two sisters had nicknames, but I just remember being called my whole government name a lot. I don’t think I was a problem child, but my mom did like to yell at me a whole bunch. My oldest sister would call me Aim sometimes, short for my real name. When I got older, I ran away with the amusement company that came to town, and everyone would call me “Little Bit” because I was young and only stood 4’11” tall.

Was the nickname a form of endearment or a shielded criticism?

My name that was given to me when I ran off to the carnival was definitely an endearment, and I suppose Aim was too, except I cannot stand that sister now.

Has your nickname influenced you in any way?

Nah…I am still short and try to stay young at heart.

Did you ever give a nickname to a family member?

Yes. All my babies have nicknames, and my granddaughter does as well. My oldest daughter is “Shy”, short for Shannia (and she was really shy), and my middle child’s nickname is “Lou Lou”, which is formed from her middle name of Louise. My son was always Bubby or Bubba.

Have you tried to get rid of a nickname? 

No, but I did try to get people to stop yelling at me in full government name mode lol.

If you could give yourself your own nickname what might it be?

E.M. *giggles* although it’s a pen name more than a nickname…