Fibbing Friday – Creatures or Otherwise

I always get so excited for Fridays to come along to see what challenges there will be for Fibbing Friday. This week it is hosted by Pensitivity101, and it’s about oodles and boodles of creatures or something else. I hope you enjoy my answers!

1. A walk of …………


2. A bed of ………….


3. A horde of ………….


4. A bike of …………..


5. A rhumba of ………..

Bubble Guppies

6. A shrewdness of ………….


7. A raft of ……………..

Baby Sharks

8. A mess of …………….


9. A huddle of ……………


10. A family of……………….


Who wants to read my useless questions?

Why is the English language so difficult?

Like why does ‘ou’ sound like ow?

How come food and good are not pronounced the same?

Why is it ‘i’ before ‘e’ except after ‘c’?

Who made these rules?

How come ‘pt’ can sound out as ‘th’?

Why is Q only one letter, but cue is a word?

Why is the S silent on Illinois?

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October 20 and 21 Word Challenges – 2021

I ran behind on all the things I wanted to do yesterday due to errands and a meeting, so yesterday was productive to say the least. With that said, I will be combining some of my challenges from yesterday. Also, please join all of us that do these word challenges by clicking on the links within the creations made from the words. My pingback links open in a new window, unless I forget the tick the button to make it open in a new tab. This way you don’t lose your place *smiles*

This will be the start of a story or a chapter of one I have already started. I hope you all enjoy it!

Photo by Alice Aksenova on

A day came when she decided to take a trip and make it an adventure. There was a place Meredith would always go to explore, and she figured today was a great day to take a break, especially since she had worked for 10 consecutive days straight on a difficult legal case. She needed a break, and it would be worth it to get some air in her face and some nature in her bones. An adventure would satisfy her exhaustion from a very long week and a half. She needed to hear the melody of the trees rubbing together with nature singing to her soul. She knew just where to go, and it was about time she got back to her happy place.

She grabbed an apple from the counter along with her overnight bag and her cell phone, and through the door she went to head out to her secret place. She had always found some euphoria in that location, and she never told a soul where she would disappear to, even though her friends would always ask where it was or if they could go with her. It was a noble attempt for them to always be persistent to share time with her. The problem was that she was liking the fact that she could have a place that no one could invade or take over, and she enjoyed that it bothered them that they could not find her. As that thought crossed her mind, she opened the trunk and used her hand to jam her bag into the trunk, shut it, and was on her way.

Everyone should have that one place that set them free from the big world, and her place was like nothing she had ever seen before when she found it. This was not an open field full of flowers but rather a darkness that was so beautiful that it overwhelmed her to a point of pure elation. As she approached the entrance to the forest, her happiness grew immensely. The feeling was effectual to what she wanted to accomplish by taking this hiatus away from the real world.

As she drove down the narrow path, the trees began to encapsulate her SUV. It was a little more overgrown than she remembered, but the path to her hiding place was still intact. She drove until she could no longer safely navigate the path, and then she went to foot, leaving her vehicle behind. She knew there would come a point to where she would have to walk to her spot, but it did seem like it was sooner than she was used to.

She grabbed her bag, walking stick, and some other essentials and headed out on her adventure through the thick layer of trees and vegetation until she reached the rickety little bridge that she had built years ago when she first found her secret hiding place. It was in pretty bad shape, but it lead to a hollow in the hillside where she had her lanterns and supplies stashed for her adventures. She had to make haste to the other side of the bridge before it got dark, so she navigated the unstable bridge.

She was pretty agile when it came to climbing and navigating through dangerous areas, and this was not any different for her. The bridge was made of two by fours and strong rope, but some of the planks were missing. She just had to step carefully, with a little shirk of a side-step from time to time when she would slip a little. She made it across with an unmistaken ease and decided to have a little bite to eat before she entered the hollow.

As she nibbled on the apple she brought from home, she listened to the sounds of the forest. She was so hungry that it almost made her regurgitate a little bit of stomach acid due to the stress of crossing the bridge. Her stomach was rumbling loud enough to wake the dead, but the forest was a mixture of sounds. It was so quiet at times, but other times the animals were so loud along with the wrestling of leaves on the trees. She was leaned up against one of the biggest trees she had ever seen in this forest to have her bite, and it was very old with a gnarl that almost sent it sideways. It was a bit creepy looking, but she loved the ancient look of the tree. She thought to herself for a moment that it would probably have seen more changes than she could ever imagine. Time…a mysterious thing it was, she thought, as she pushed up off the tree root and carried on to the entrance of the hollow hillside.

A handmade ladder was seated at the opening in the rocks of the hillside, and it also had taken some wear and tear from its environment. She gave the ladder a wiggle to test the durability…”It’s good. I got this.”, as she stepped off onto the first step down with her flashlight gripped by her mouth. The ladder seemed to be more stable than the bridge as she approached each dark step down, but the last step broke when she reached the end of the tunnel.

She shined her light to her supplies, which were still in the spot she left them, and she lit the lantern with the matches from her satchel. As the cave lit up, her eyes could not believe what she saw before her…

© E.M. Kingston

Pandemic Woes – FPQ #140

This week’s topic for Fandango’s Provocative Question is how the pandemic has affected our shopping habits and the reliance to online shopping to get the things we need.

Here is the question:

During the height of the pandemic, to what extent did you avail yourself of online shopping for meals, groceries, and other goods and services? If you did use online shopping and delivery services, now that things have eased up a bit, has your reliance on or use of such service continued at the same rate, increased, or decreased. To what extent?

My answer is:

I became almost completely reliant on online deliveries for most things. Amazon, Instacart, and GrubHub were my best friends and still are a bit since the onset of the pandemic. While I will still go out for a few of the things I need, like medicine and special things I want, I tend to still rely on the delivery services. Before the pandemic, I always used Amazon because of it’s convenience, so it was really nice when places started delivering groceries and other goods that you would not think you could get delivered.

However, I am ready for a normal life because I hate mask mandates and all the nonsense around vaccination vs non-vaccination stances. I see both sides of the debate, and I hate seeing further divide of our country over a poke in the arm. I miss comfort of being able to cough in public without someone eyeballing you with “the look”. I am just ready for Covid to get handled and under control because life really is so restricted right now for people. Land of the Free is not what I call this America.

xoxo, E.M.

E.M.’s Halloween Truths for Truthful Tuesday

Each week, PCGuyIV hosts Truthful Tuesday. Click here to join in the fun! Here is the question and my answer from the prompt.

The Question

Considering how last year went and the current state of things, do you have any plans for Halloween this year? Will you be going to any costume parties, handing out trick-or-treat candy, or just staying at home with the porch light off so no one will bother you? Please let us know!

The Truthful Answer

Last year we made the best of the situation, and we got decked out in costumes while playing some music and passing out candy in the driveway. This year things will be a little different since I have my grandbaby. This is her first Halloween, so we will be dressing up and hitting the streets to trick-or-treat. My sister will probably stay back and hand out the candy while my daughter, grandbaby, and me go to the porch lights.

I am curious how many will actually be on, but I live in a community that has been pretty rebellious when it comes to Covid restrictions. I think there will be quite a few. I don’t know what I will dress up for this year, but I am thinking of being a pirate or Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas. Last year I was Sally.

NFL Sunday

Even though my Saints are on a BYE week, I love watching football all day, yelling at the refs, and enjoying watching the plays. I have a pick for every game. I have teams I love to hate, and I have teams that I wouldn’t choose if they were on fire. 🤣

What about you? Are you a NFL junkie, or do you like another sport? Who Dat ⚜ 🖤🤎🤎🖤

What I Am Doing Today

Today has been a decent day, and it’s nice to have one of those once in a while. There is a bit of anxiety, but it’s not the bad kind because I will be seeing a new therapist/psychiatrist today. I believe she is a nurse practitioner for psychiatry. My sister helped me find her, and it is going to be different talking to someone new. I always hope that there will be a chemistry that makes it easy to disclose and talk to new professionals about me.

I hope to come from the initial assessment feeling better about seeking help. It’s something that is hard for me to do, ask for help that is. I have always said that I don’t like to burden anyone with my issues, but I always try to embrace psychotherapy to feel more like myself. I will let you all know how it goes.

The only bad thing happening today is that I woke up in pain. I never sleep on my stomach unless I am having night terrors, and I must have had them after I went into deep sleep. Sometimes I remember, and there are other times I don’t recall anything from sleep…good or bad. My body does feel like it went to war with something though. I am pushing through it.

My living situation has gotten better because I decided to communicate. I realize it is hard to live with someone that has my behaviors because of my mental illness. I hope to continue to feel better and move forward.

I will post more about my session when I get done. It’s in 45 minutes, so wish me luck!

xoxo, E.M.

My Fibbing Friday: October 15, 2021

It’s that time again, where I get to come up with my crazy answers and stretch the truth to PCGuyIV’s and Pensitivity101’s Fibbing Friday Challenge. TGIF!

  1. Exactly what did Columbus do in 1492?

    He invented a time machine that would take people 1000 years in the future to flying boats and a water world.
  2. Why does Canada celebrate Thanksgiving in October rather than November as the US does?

    The turkeys are tastier in October rather than November.
  3. Why do we carve pumpkins into Jack-o-lanterns for Halloween?

    So that all the pumpkin spice addicts cannot harvest them to make pancakes, coffee, and everything else that they turn into pumpkin spice-scented anythings.
  4. If “octo-” means eight, then why is October the tenth month?

    October was named after a magical, giant octopus rather than the number month it represents.
  5. Why do kids dress up in costumes and go trick-or-treating on Halloween?

    In the words and voice of Vincent Price in Thriller, “To terrorize yalls neighborhoods”.
  6. What is the movie, Hocus Pocus about?

    It’s the story of my life as E.M. The Good Witch.
  7. In the Movie, Halloween, why was Michael Myers sent to an insane asylum when he was only six years old?

    He told everyone where the Fountain of Youth was located because he was actually an immortal creature who could never die.
  8. Continuing from the previous question, what did Myers do when he escaped approximately fifteen years later?

    He went on a search for Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory because they don’t have chocolate in insane asylums. He also wanted to see an Oompah Loompah.
  9. What was the movie, Lost Boys about?

    It was the sequel to Stand By Me. The boys got lost on the tracks again. No dead bodies were found this time though, just a carpetbagger who filled them in on the meaning of life.
  10. According to legend, why don’t vampires have a reflection?

    If a vampire sees themselves, they cannot stop looking because they are so beautiful and majestic. If they look too long in the mirror, the vampires turn into puppies, so it’s better if they don’t see themselves at all.

Anxious Heartbreak

Her upper lip quivered as she felt her heart being ripped from her chest.

The world she had created was being swallowed up by the fissure of mistakes of her past.

One conversation would change life back to a time when she was unstable and broken.

Her heartbreak was matching the anxiousness she was feeling in her soul as she lost everything again.

She had no understanding how it is always so easy for people to walk out of her life.

Except they do that all the time, and it is always when her life is one huge bungle of failure.

She’s running out of lives to live…

xoxo, E.M.