Memories of Grandma

via Daily Prompt: Yarn Whenever I think of yarn, I think of my grandmother.  She was always crocheting something beautiful.  She would sit there on her little love seat, no matter the season, and craft away at a new blanket with her yarn purse at her side.  Her crochet basket was always full of so …

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I was awoken by a crash of thunder this morning. It feels like I haven't slept at all. I am tired of all the thunder storming. Can someone please put the rain "on call"? It's one of those moments that make my heart race. I placed my hand over my heart in fear. The pillowcase …

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Sweet Scent

via Daily Prompt: Perfume The smell of your skin Lingering upon mine That sweet scent of love I sniff and reminisce Your essence like perfume Bringing memories to illuminate within Radiating to all my senses Luring me to breathe you in Longing for more time with you I find myself craving your presence You're my love drug... …

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Goodnight dear friends It's time I took my rest My eyes have grown weary As the day was quite long And morn comes around quite early Tomorrow a new day shall start With more rhymes and ramblings New friends to discover New topics to read Farewell for to sleep

The Lone Tree

  Electrified from the fury of the storm A lone tree stands under attack No longer will its limbs be able to form Once so thick and full of life It's roots traumatized by the flash Dug into the ground bound to strife Dying little tree with just a jolt Helpless after the fury of the light …

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