The fear inside screaming out loud You find yourself in the middle of pain Looking for that tiny little shroud Of hope...keeping you steady and sane Torn up... on the deep of your insides Causing your heart to feel panicked Your mind going on roller coaster rides You find yourself feeling quite manic Struggling...not able …

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None, Some, or One?

If you have one You've only just begun You don't wanna jump the gun Because we are just beginning the fun It's better to have something Because all of nothing is none Some of something is some A lot of many things can be a ton I think... Time to run! via Daily Prompt: None

New Love

She walked in the door Dressed in all her splendor Her look caught his wandering eye He went to her with candor She outstretched her hand towards him A merry meet on her mind He balanced the soft of her hand at his lips Bringing an explosion of energy so divine Her knees went weak …

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