E.M.’s “T” Dream ~ #EM-SRP 24

I had scheduled my Sunday Ramble post wrong (pm instead of am), so it did not post at its scheduled time. Sorry about that, folks! Thanks to Matt D for making me aware that the Ramble was missing. Here is the scenario for today's Ramble: "In your dream, you are standing at a T in …

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Closing Out All the April Challenges [REBLOG]

A very cool way to interpret my questions into a poem about a mystical hotel! Experience Writing also gives a nice closing to the month of April in this post and shows love to some other prompts for everyone to participate in.

Experience Writing

This Sunday is the first of the month, and all the challenges are over, but I thought I would close with a visual poem guided by a homograph.

Coming to a Close by Maria L. Berg 2022


I really enjoy homographs that have different pronunciations. Close can be an adjective or adverb; a noun or verb.
Pronounced klohs
adjective – near in space or time: near in relationship: parts or elements near to one another: compact, dense (a close weave)
adverb – tightly: near or within proximity
Pronounced klohz
noun – the end or conclusion (the close of the day)
verb – to cover an opening; shut: (tr) to bar, obstruct, or fill up: to bring the parts or edges of (a wound, etc) together or (of a wound, etc) to be brought together, unite.

I think of: closing a lid; closing a door; cutting it close; That was…

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E.M.’s Random Answers ~ #EM-SRP 22

Photo Courtesy of John Holton This week’s topic is: “Random Questions to Trigger Imagination” If people get a purple heart for being wounded in war, what do the other colors of hearts mean? (Make up your own heart meanings and colors.)If you were given $5 Million to open a small museum, what kind of museum would …

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H.A.B.I.T. ~ Contributor’s Acronyms

Photo by ANTONI SHKRABA on Pexels.com On my Sunday Ramble, I asked everyone to come up with an acronym for the word "habit". There were some great acronyms, so I wanted to share them. They were positive and uplifting, and maybe they can help someone with habits. My habit acronym was: Have A Better Intention Together Here is …

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