Confessions of the Dark ~ #RXC 226

Photo by cottonbro on "Dig deep..." she said, "and look inside yourself" as she scratched out notes on her notepad. I rolled my eyes a bit and slumped in my seat. I wondered what she was writing down on that piece of paper. I couldn't see it, but I bet she was doodling. She …

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Seeking Absolution [Reblog]

Welcome to my Random Word Prompt, Gypsie!! This is such an emotional and important use of the word absolution. It’s raw. The world needs to read these words of struggle.
xoxo, E.M.

Gypsie’s Wonderful World of Words

By (Gypsie) Offenbacher-Ferris

In response to prompt provided by
E.M.’s Random Word Prompt #104

Seeking absolution from crimes
I’ve not committed
Yet crimes levied against me
by the naive and misinformed.


Seeking absolution from this disease that has me in its clutches, But one that I did not ask for not now and not ever.


Seeking absolution from heartache
sorrow, grief, anger, and despair
Protection for an unguarded heart
that’s never learned how to heal.


Seeking absolution for the innocent,the troubled, oppressed and wounded. For those serving and yet to serve and those brave souls who have fallen.


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