Editing Myself

I figured I would tell everyone that I am trying to get a little bit more done on the story of Sebastian and Davina, but I am going back an changing a few errors in the time period that I want the setting to be. I want the cell phones to be the old blocky ones, so the car of Davina will have to change from a Prius to something else. Clearly, that model of Toyota was not present at the same time as blocky, pull-the-antenna type cell phones *laughs*.

I am also correcting some grammar and usage issues that are driving me insane as I read through. When I publish, I rarely go back and read what I write because I am very critical of myself. This is the first time that the story is actually falling together. I found some cool coincidences and built the setting and locations from that coincidence. I won’t let the cat out of the bag yet haha!

I need to find a title, so the names may change on the “Untitled (for now)” posts. I am always open to suggestions and would give credit where it was due, of course *smiles*.

How do you feel when you begin editing yourself? Are you like me and can sometimes scratch a whole poem or story because you’re not feeling it? This is the first one that I have really wanted to edit and make whole. Pretty cool!

It is the weekend, so I am trying to distract myself from the toxic ones. I will be very productive today and tomorrow lol. How’s your weekend going?

6 thoughts on “Editing Myself

  1. I do the same thing too, in that I rarely go back and read my old stuff, because I’m bound to find something that I’ve missed, and I hate imagining how many people have read and have formed terrible opinions on me based on said mistakes.

    But of course I’m overreacting, because not many people would read my work, but still, that’s why I don’t go back and read my past work, lol.

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    1. We are our own worst critics. I am hard on myself like that too, but your followers will never let you down. I’ve learned interacting with them and seeing the like and such makes me feel more confident at what I post. Thanks for answering my question too! I’m on my way over to your blog šŸ™‚


  2. Iā€™m that way, too. I rarely go back and reread my old posts, but I do have a Flashback Friday prompt where I find and republish old posts. Sometimes Iā€™m aghast when I read those old posts with the typos and grammatical errors. Ugh!

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