Water Worlds

Another rainy day

In this month of April showers

The world has turned green again

I am ready for the May flowers


Can it rain every day?

What could that mean?

Would swells fill the bay?

Flood the creeks and streams?


Would we live in a water world?

Would land be in sight?

Like a blanket of water that swirled

Following forever against the moon’s light


Exploring and finding forbidden islands

Via boats and homemade crafts

The water rippling dirt rather than sands

Houses making the deconstructed rafts

Could we live this way forever?

It could be in nature’s design

Mother Nature is quite clever

But this was only in my mind…



6 thoughts on “Water Worlds

  1. April Showers?? Here in Perth we last had ‘rain’ (not enough to be worthy of the word) on March 27. 😦
    Managing to keep our plants and gardens looking healthy all the same 🙂

    The world is a big place and tends to balance out extremes! We’ll have our Winter rains soon enough i guess, while you may even soon forget what rain feels like for a while?? (or maybe not? ) 😉


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    1. 🙂 It’s rained here for nearly a week at a time in Arkansas. April and October are usually both very wet months. I have a friend in Austrailia that I met on Second Life, and we always compare weather stories, and I believe she grew up in Perth. She’s moved to Queensland, I believe, now. Usually while I am freezing my little bum off, she is basking in he sunlight and swimming, then vice versa. We are both two old hens gossiping in the hen house *laughs*.

      Keep up the good work on those gardens! 🙂 I’ll try to send some rain your way! Oh, and, I look forward to more pictures on your blog!


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