After the Flood – Life Reborn

Photo credit Michael Mehrhoft The flood brought forward new life In a house once occupied with heartbeats Now filled with sunlight and moss The abode has found a rhythm of its own. © E.M. Kingston - All Rights Reserved This post was written for MindLoveMisery's Menagerie's Photo Challenge #393.

Moving Mountains – #MLMM Photo Challenge

Photo credit One Big Photo He packed his bike on his back to go up He would not look down, only forward Pushing his limits for just one moment Of pride...of bravery...of greatness... The world looked so big up here Atop the highest point of the mountain Bigger than you or I or we or them …

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Beautiful Storm

Photo by Kelly Ritta on Rain tapped softly at the bedroom window. Tiny little drops filled up my window sill. As the lightning began bullying its way through the puffy, dark clouds. The fresh smell of clean air brisked past my nose from the wind. The taps of water and the booms of the …

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October 20 and 21 Word Challenges – 2021

I ran behind on all the things I wanted to do yesterday due to errands and a meeting, so yesterday was productive to say the least. With that said, I will be combining some of my challenges from yesterday. Also, please join all of us that do these word challenges by clicking on the links …

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E.M. Sees Tranquility – #WDYS Prompt

Tranquility is something that I try to find but have a hard time fighting through my demons to find it. This prompt from Sadje for What Do You See? has brought me a bit of it. Below the picture is my viewpoint of this beautiful picture. Image credit; Sean Robertson @ Unsplash The rocks are …

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E.M.’s One Liner Wednesday

Linda Hill has a challenge called One Liner Wednesdays, and I thought I would use a picture to tell a story. I stepped away from the dark side for a moment, and I hope you enjoy my first one liner. Don't forget to check out her blog and give some love back. This is another …

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