My Version of Crazy

My mind races to a million or more negative places, it seems I am the queen of my own torture, as I cannot stop the thoughts... "Maybe everyone would prosper if I did not exist" Then the worry comes... Of who will love my children, my dogs, my little unnecessary stuff that surrounds me... Who …

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Sometimes I get out of bed feeling good, and I put myself together feeling beautiful, accomplished, and happy. I try to start a new day better than the last, and that's how I have been healing myself. Then we have the days that I cannot bear my own reflection, and the day follows the same …

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She’s Just A Girl

She sits here worrying and contemplating her life, and she doesn't know which path she should take.  There are good choices and bad ones along her way.  Just like everyone else, she has to make those hard choices.  It just feels too heavy and labored to find a way to be happy.  All she really …

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Goodnight dear friends It's time I took my rest My eyes have grown weary As the day was quite long And morn comes around quite early Tomorrow a new day shall start With more rhymes and ramblings New friends to discover New topics to read Farewell for to sleep