Wisdom from E.M.

It’s important to resolve conflict in your life to feel better and live better. If you are not able to fix those differences in your relationships, I believe it is a sign to let go.

But…that’s the hard part, right? Letting go of someone you care about? I think it’s worth it for you and your inner self to try everything to fix a problem before giving up.

The only disclaimer would be, “When is it really over?” You just have to know when to cut the cord on your willingness to be vulnerable in order to resolve the conflicts in your life.

That’s my wisdom of the day. Do you think it’s better to go the extra mile to repair bad things and resolve your conflicts, or is it better to see the problem and move on as soon as you get the red flags?

This was written for Linda Hill’s January Jot It Down and Saturday Stream of Consciousness.

E.M.’s Christmas Yums – #SoCS

I saw the theme for SoCS, and I figured I could fulfill my promise to share our food from yesterday and do this prompt since the food was very yummy!

This was our dinner spread before opening gifts:

© E.M. Kingston 2021
© E.M. Kingston 2021
© E.M. Kingston 2021
© E.M. Kingston 2021
© E.M. Kingston 2021
© E.M. Kingston 2021
© M. S. (my sister took this picture)

Sis got the first piece out of the cheesecake, so the pointed end didn’t come out as it should. It’s very creamy and rich, and the cherry glaze is perfectly tart to offset the richness. I made homemade cocoa whipped cream for the first time from scratch. It was very good and messy to make.

Our mashed potatoes turned out a weird consistency, but I figured I would share them anyway. They were kind of gluey, but we normally use red potatoes for mashed when we do them from scratch. Lesson learned.

The fudge is a marshmallow fluff fudge that absolutely melts in your mouth. So freakin’ yummy! I don’t even like chocolate fudge all that much, and I cannot quit snacking on it with my coffee *laughs* I think my fudge is better than my grandma’s (sorry granny RIP).

I still have to grab a picture of the jello cake my sis made. It’s very moist and yummy. Honestly, we have attacked it, so it’s almost half gone. I forgot to snap a picture.

Everything was yummy and made with love, and it was a great Christmas Eve and Christmas Day for our family.

I hope (for those who celebrated) that your Christmas and holidays were good ones.

Merry Christmas!

Opposites Attack – #SoCS

Image Credit: Rick Warren @ QuoteFancy

Opposites have always been said to attract, but I have never found that to be true in relationships with people. I find more of a connection with someone who is like me rather than the opposite of me. Each time I encounter someone who is the opposite of me, I have turned the other direction because that person does not interest me.

My failed marriage was with someone who was very different from me, and while it lasted a long time, I could barely stand him after the first year. It lasted so long because I did not want to start over again, and he was fine with me sticking around to use and abuse me. I don’t say this for pity, but I do say it to provide a foundation for why I believe how I believe.

Long story short, I think that quote about opposites attracting is not how I have experienced it in my life. I have always bonded over sharing the same trauma or trauma in general, which has not been healthy, but it felt better than spending my life with someone that drove me insane because they were not on my level.

xoxo, E.M.

The Happy Tree – SoCS 12/11/21

Image Credit: Mark Gibson Photo

He came back to the tree after she had passed on, and their initials were still carved into the old birch tree in their secret spot. They would meet there when they were teenagers, and he came back every year to visit after cancer had taken her from his life. He came with a wine bottle and some cheese with crackers in a picnic basket, and he would lay a blanket before the tree to have a snack and sip some wine. He always felt her presence there, like her residual energy still lives there in that happy place by the little tree.

He never wanted to leave her behind…

This was written for Linda Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday (#SoCS). The theme of the prompt this week was “tree”.

The Thanksgiving Spread – #SoCS

Golly gee! It was a great holiday with my family on Thanksgiving. We had a lot of good food, a lot of time together cooking the food, and a lot of time watching some good football games. I figured I would share the goodies that we had for this Saturday’s Stream of Consciousness.

This was the turkey:

We called her Tomasina.

This was the ham (since my daughter doesn’t care for turkey):

Slow Cooker Ham by my Sis – brown sugar and pineapple

This was my homemade cranberry sauce:

Mmm Mmm. Not too sweet…not too tart.

These are the deviled eggs made by my sister:

By my sister: I don’t eat them, but she does them perfectly.

The gravy by my sister (it was delicious):

By Sis – She has a great recipe! I always love her turkey gravy.

The homemade chicken and noodles made by me from scratch:

I had help from my daughter making the noodles this year.

The corn and real mashed potatoes:

Sis did the corn – I seasoned
I whipped these babies up perfectly, seasoning and all.

The green beans (from scratch, not a can):

Green beans by E.M.

Rolls with Cranberry Sauce:

We call them “butts” lol


Stove Top…but we love it!

My homemade marbled cheesecake brownies (from scratch):

These are so good with my coffee!

We also have pumpkin pie, banana pudding, and a lemon cake with homemade cream cheese icing. I just didn’t do pictures of them.

Golly gee willikers! It was a great feast and a great day!

xoxo, E.M.

© E.M. Kingston – All Rights Reserved.

Protest – E.M.’s Stream of Consciousness 11/6/2021

For the Saturday Stream of Consciousness, Linda Hill asks us to “close eyes and point” to gather the inspiration for this week’s #SoCS. I chose my ACLU Magazine, and I turned it to a random page with my eyes close and pointed in the center of the 2nd open page. My finger landed on the words “to Protest”.

I have not talked about it much on my blog so far, but I am actually a big activist in my community. I am the county chair of my local ACLU chapter, and I have actively participated in rallies and candlelight vigils in my local area. The great thing about graduating was that I found my voice throughout my year and a half in college. If I had not pursued the degrees that I did, I don’t know that I would have ever found that voice inside of me to fight for civil rights, and for that, I am truly proud of myself and who I have become.

I love a good protest that is calm and effective, and I look forward to involving myself in more of them since I am beginning to feel better.

xoxo, E.M.

© E.M. Kingston 2021

My Stream of Consciousness – 10/16/2021 – A lot of “Ifs”

If only I had been stronger to fight the demons, my life would be different. However, she tells me that I am very strong to have been through so much and continue to stand strong and achieve my goals.

If I would have listened to my inner self, I could have saved my family many tears, pain, and sorrow.

If I would have lived my life better and made better choices, they would have never suffered from my failures.

If I look to the moon and stars, I can feel a connection with this amazing energy, but I waste it sometimes.

If he asked me to come back, I would let him.

If I was a little bit more brave, I would tell him how I really feel.

If I felt better, I would get more done.

If I would have started my life sooner, it would resolve so much regret.

If my physical pain would subside, my mental would feel less stressed.

If I look in the mirror, I sometimes do not like the face staring back at me.

If I achieve my dreams, I will feel star spangled inside of my soul for once.

If I would have noticed his behavior before marrying him, he would have never been able to swindle all of my stuff away from me, and I would have been able to be more productive financially.

If not for betrayal, I would have never been able to espy towards the type of person that I want to be. It’s a process daily, but it is in my sights.


This was written for Linda’s Stream of Consciousness (SoCS) weekly prompt. I combined the word challenges in this as well since I am running behind today. It’s so many “ifs”, but there is room for improvement by looking at them and seeing what I need to be doing to fix myself.

E.M.’s First #SoCS

This is my first Stream of Consciousness. I think I have an easy time rambling, so let’s see how this goes about near/far. You can find the rules for posting on Linda Hill’s blog. Be sure to check them out before you start the challenge. I am excited to try this challenge.


Before moving to California, I had not been around my sister for many years. She lived in California, and I lived in Arkansas. It was quite a far distance between us physically, but we had a close relationship and would talk often. When I moved near her, in this same house, it was good at first. Then I had to start being controlled by her and start living the life she thought I should be living. Now, I want to get as far away from her as possible and never be near her again.

xoxo, E.M.