Dragging My Behind … Sleepy Ramble

Last night I think I was a bit manic and racy because I had insomnia like crazy. I was up too late, and so today, I feel like my arse is following behind me on the floor. (How many of you just saw a dog scooting their butt on the ground? Haha!) 😀

All jokes aside, I am so tired that I have tried to write with my prompts a few times today and scratched everything that I was able to come up with. My posts are sitting in my draft folder yelling at me for putting them there. I figure I will fix them tomorrow.

It will be an early night for me.

Next time y’all see me up later than normal, tell me to take my behind to bed 😀 😀 😀

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I See A Dream Neverending – WDYS #107

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There is no darkness, only light.

The abundant amount of clouds bring dreams, not nightmares.

I look for this place in my sleep, this bliss of heaven.

If only I could commute here every night in peace and sanctity, I could breathe better.

There is nothing glum about this happy place found in my slumber, only delight.

I see a dream that’s neverending, if only I could stay put.

© E.M. Kingston 2021

This post was written for Sadje’s What Do You See? It’s a weekly prompt to trigger our creativity and imagination. Please join us in telling us what you see.

Thoughts Before My Slumber

I learned through other people’s experiences and pain.

I felt the suffering of the loss that extended beyond the fall of the Twin Towers.

I saw people through my reader that made me want to be a better version of myself.

I resonated with the creativity of others.

Have a restful and peaceful sleep, and tomorrow is another day 🙂

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I was awoken by a crash of thunder this morning.
It feels like I haven’t slept at all.
I am tired of all the thunder storming.
Can someone please put the rain “on call”?

It’s one of those moments that make my heart race.
I placed my hand over my heart in fear.
The pillowcase is still showing where my head embraced.
The boom was so loud that it graced my eye with a tear.

The lightning clashed with a flash of bright light.
I quickly pulled the blankets over my messy head.
It filled this room with its mighty strobe of white.
Can it just stop now? And let me go back to bed?

I tossed and I turned, and I forced my eyes to close.
It was clear that my body was on defense.
I sighed, and I huffed…and with self-force, I rose.
It seems my desk chair got a good rinse.

I put a blanket on my extremely wet chair.
The window was full-open all night.
I cracked open a Pepsi, and I lit my smoke.
Then I rubbed my eyes until they were open bright.



Knackered and sprawled out across my bed, I weep

All these aches and pains are making me weak

My muscles feel weary and my tendons tight

My body full of insomnia and keeping me up all night

Tears upon my pillow and blankets cast aside

Tossing and turning and flopping like an ocean’s tide

My neck feels kinked and my shoulder is stressed

Should I give up and just go get dressed?

I’ll try once more to attend to my slumber

But I believe the sheep I’m counting have my number

Struggling to find comfort in my sleigh of sleep

Finally, it’s over! Now don’t make a peep!

ZzZ. Zzz.