Did You Order Yet? [Reblog]

My friend and fellow blogger Fandango posted a convenient link to order your four (4) free at-home covid-19 tests. Thanks, Fandango!

This, That, and the Other

The U.S. government website, covidtests.gov, went live yesterday. You now can order up to four at-home COVID-19 rapid test kits and have them delivered to your home address for free: free tests, free shipping, tax free. If you live in the U.S., you should order your test kits, too. It’s easy-peasy. I ordered mine yesterday.

Of course, if you’re one of those who still believes that COVID-19 is a hoax, is a liberal Democratic conspiracy to rob you of your freedom to be a selfish asshole, or that your God-given natural immunities will protect you, then never mind. You may want to try some other at home remedies your fellow Republicans have recommended, like drinking or injecting bleach, taking Ivermectin, the medicine used to treat parasites in horses, or chugging your own urine. And good luck.

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it’s all perspective – #1linerWeds [Reblog]

Beautifully said! “We see race as what people of color have (or are). If people of color are not present, race is not present. Further, if people of color are not present, not only is race absent, so is that terrible thing: racism. Ironically, this positions racism as something people of color have and bring …

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For E.M’s Word Prompt [Reblog]

Thank you, Ravenclaw! This was a great story using my prompt! 🙂 I am going to reblog it for my followers to enjoy. 😀 I got a giggle about the opera singers who could not sing and the people clucking like chickens.

Writer Ravenclaw

Mary laughed at the group of chair crashing across the hall and wondered if this was all an act. Did they actually believe they were in the Grand National, or were they paid to be this silly. Either way it was hilarious.

Under a hypnotic spell, there were some, who clucked like chickens. Some thought they were operatic singers, but could barely sing a note. It was well worth the money to have a good laugh for once.

A holiday, after COVID restrictions had been lifted, needed to happen. They were all tired of being at home, and a holiday camp was just the thing to give back some much needed energy.

‘Three, two, one, when I click my fingers you will think you are on a life raft, and the only thing to drink is the rain water. You use your shoe to catch any water and drink it…

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Precious Gain [Reblog]

This was a beautiful poem by Shreya Shah using my word prompt! Thank you, Shreya!

Shreya Shah

A hypnotic gaze,

For several minutes long,

Difficult to break away,

It did not feel so wrong.

Barely a word spoken,

But a deep understanding,

For the eyes were generous,

As a lot left unsaid.

The time has passed,

And it won’t happen again,

To be treasured till the last,

Indeed, a precious gain.

@ 2022 Shreya Shah

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The Power of “No” — Intellectual Shaman [Reblog]

Saying “no” is the most important word— not because of the bad things we need to avoid but the control, “no” gives to us. I’ve lived my life in the flow for too long It’s time to say “no” It’s impossible to make sense of this life if we don’t stop. Trading one problem, for […]The …

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Unlocking that Special Feeling — Intellectual Shaman

Those who feel, that feelings are overrated don’t know the power of a feeling. We feel squashed by the vices of others—tightening, to control. Feeling alive—is so rare a feeling—when we travel to unfamiliar places or believe that we have magic at our fingertips. Music and words come out of us like grandiosity It’s a […]Unlocking …

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