Remembrance – #WDYS 114

One of my other favorite prompts is this one from Sadje, and it is called What Do You See? We get a picture, and we get to write what we see. The thought is to trigger something creative from the picture, whether it be a story, poetry, or feeling.

Image credit: Being. the. travelerPexels

She didn’t want to remember his pain or his passing. She wanted to remember the times. The times with him that made her smile were the best. He was her love everlasting, and she was his dream come true. Even with death feeling so final, as she lit the candle and set it out on the water, she knew he was finally free.

“Swim in the sea of eternity, My Love. Until we meet again, I will live and breath your breath of life to the skies.”

Even when the fire burnt out, the cord of love was never broken. He was her forever.

© E.M. Kingston – 2021.

The Glitter Faded Away

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I used to scintillate in his presence

His words were smooth, wafting in my ears

I was captivated by the mystery in his ways

I was barely reluctant to be his

Until I was, or now that I am

The love he gave became lethal

Or at least the pretense existing

Of the untrue love that he portrayed…

I moved slowly to learn him, never fast

He fooled my heart, soul, and mind

In early moments, I saw myself as his lily

Later, I was just the bologna sandwich

One that he did not want or need to love

It was never real, fake affection

He knew not how to love

I lost the comfort of his words and ways

The glitter of his essence became faded

I opened my eyes.

I saw him.

© E.M. Kingston 2021 – All Rights Reserved.

The Island Sunset

Image Credit:  Nathan Watson via Unsplash

The reflection of the setting sun and dawning moon bounced off the water, and the island hid in the fog of the cool night along with the quarter of the setting sun that brought the eclipse of that night.

It was eerie and beautiful, at the same time, and it was a view that lovers would talk about to their children and grandchildren.

They would tell them how the sun melding with the moon on their first date set their destinies in stone while looking out upon the ocean that night, and they would feel the energy from that night for the rest of their lives.

This was written for the Three Lines Tale 303 prompt.

Her Shining Star – Flashback Friday

Each week, Fandango hosts a prompt called Flashback Friday. He invites us to share an old post from the previous year or on the exact number date (19th) of any month if you do not have a post for the exact date. This is a post from my old blog, and it was a poem I had posted on March 19, 2016. It’s funny that I have been blogging since 2016, but I never post much in November.

Here is my Flashback:

The kindness in her eyes
Turned to awesome fear
She couldn’t look away
Her vision tuning in so clear

Tip tap, tip tap, tip-tap
The light footsteps sing
Getting closer and closer
Speeding up to a full-swing

A silhouette approaches
Tightly, she closes her eyes
Shivering inside herself
Nervously she then cries

Lightly peeking eyes open
It’s standing before her face
Her eyes shine out with brilliance
Her fear now become displaced

Before her was no stranger
Her hero was there to stay
As they stand there together
Now laughing, cries fade away

The silhouette became her husband
The fear and anguish dissipate
No shadows there to fear now
Her heart pit-pattering with his embrace

Hand in hand they sway as one
As they walk towards the door
Her fear now non-existent
Facing where the shadow was before

She grips his hand tightly
Allowing him to take the lead
A light emerges from the hall
There was nothing to fear indeed

There stood her friends and family
Smiles lit upon each and every face
Feeling so silly, now smiling back
Finally, feel safe in this space

Her hero is her only love
Protecting her near or far
Leading her away from any harm
He’s her bright and shining star

©E.M. Kingston 3/19/2016

E.M.’s Flashback Friday – 11/12/2021

I had to go back to my archive of poetry from my old blog to find something to share for today’s Flashback Friday prompt from Fandango. I did not have a post for the exact date of today, but I did have one for the date of 6/12/2016. It made me remember how long my darkness and unhappiness ruled my life, but that is not a bad thing. It makes me look forward, and forward has what I want and love in it.

Painful Love Lost

The battle fighting within me
breaks me from the inside out
as I see your faces as I remember you all
loving me the way you used to.

The tears I cry in my dreams are real
the memories like yesterday but today
but I cannot cry them when awake
for they make me feel weak and afraid.

I gave you so much of myself
that sometimes I have not much left
to share with others or even to sustain life
because you were my life, and you’re gone.

I try not to think of you most times
thinking the pain will just fade away
but this kind of pain sits in your gut
and it fights you and rips you apart.

Maybe that will make you feel better
knowing that I’m never going to be okay
but even still you should know
I love you all until the last breath leaves my lungs.

I was born to love you.

© E.M. Kingston 6/12/2016

I See Lost Love Found

This week’s photo for What Do You See is:

Image credit: Gennaro Leonardi @ Pixabay

He braced his arms around so tightly.

It reminded him of the days back in high school.

The only people around are them.

That embrace always set him free.

It made him feel whole and still does.

He loves feeling her in his arms again.

She clenches on so tightly.

Time was everlasting but not forgotten for their love.

Their love lost is now found.

It’s been so long, but his heart had never skipped a beat…

Until then…

© E.M. Kingston 2021

My Pieces Unheal

“Dial it back”

That’s what my gut tells me.

“Put up your wall and shut them out”

Each red flag that comes about

“Everything is good…we’re good”

I really cannot believe you and refuse to

The emphasis of your actions are null

Something feels off, a miss, and unbalanced

“Protect yourself”, I say…

Back away and quiet your words…

They do not deserve your dedication…your time…

My soul begins to burn as the timbers in the pit of a fire

I’m screaming inside my mind

I feel the pieces of my once full heart begin to unheal…break apart

With unrest in my mind turning my heart to glass…

I scream more inside my body

Each word coming from the mouths of those that do harm

Like a rock…thrown…cracking the glass already shattered once before

I scream more from my soul out of my own voice


Just stop…

Just go…

The shattered pieces no longer want to be glued together

The shards of glass that are now my heart are tired.


Getting Me Back

I don’t remember the day that I knew it was over. 

I do remember the pain leaving my heart like lightning. 

My aching shoulders felt lighter than a leaf falling from the tree. I felt free.

After I carried too much for too long, I could breathe without angering him anymore. 

I could be me without consequences. 

I had back the power that I gifted to him. 

I took back my heart to heal it from so many tears. Unnecessary tears from unnecessary pain because the pain inflicted upon me was not my own.

It was his, and now my pain is only mine to heal. 

Love Feels

What is this feeling?
It exudes from my soul
My heart is racing
But not taking a toll

Like fire, it burns
With no damage done
My tummy does turns
I find beauty in the sun

My breath becomes shaky
My knees feel so weak
Like my body is awakening
Future no longer bleak

Love feels like this?
It doesn’t have to hurt?
I wantingly crave his kiss
My senses high on alert

I think he’s my one
My heart he completes
In this for the long run
Finally, I’m at peace.

Much Love

Subtle love guiding me

Through times of fear and unknowing

You lead me through the storm…

That is raging in my heart and mind

There’s that smile lights my fire to emotions

My soul ignited like a bonfire in autumn

My skin is flush with your love

My life is complete with your touch

I am full of your love that consumes me

Engorged, complete, satisfied

Constant feels in my heart

All from your love my love

With much love ❤