My Pieces Unheal

“Dial it back”

That’s what my gut tells me.

“Put up your wall and shut them out”

Each red flag that comes about

“Everything is good…we’re good”

I really cannot believe you and refuse to

The emphasis of your actions are null

Something feels off, a miss, and unbalanced

“Protect yourself”, I say…

Back away and quiet your words…

They do not deserve your dedication…your time…

My soul begins to burn as the timbers in the pit of a fire

I’m screaming inside my mind

I feel the pieces of my once full heart begin to unheal…break apart

With unrest in my mind turning my heart to glass…

I scream more inside my body

Each word coming from the mouths of those that do harm

Like a rock…thrown…cracking the glass already shattered once before

I scream more from my soul out of my own voice


Just stop…

Just go…

The shattered pieces no longer want to be glued together

The shards of glass that are now my heart are tired.


Full of Love

When I think of you
My lips turn up with a smile
My heart races like a stallion
My body could run a mile

When you look at me
My eyes sparkle back at you
My soul ignites with passion
My melting limbs turn to goo

When I look at you
My future become clear
My life has a completion
My armistice needs you near

When life has no meaning
You bring me back to light
You guide my way back home
You keep me in your sight

When tears fill my eyes
You wipe them away
You teach me to smile again
You show me the way

When I am happy…
Our love filled me up.

When Four Eyes Collide

Their eyes meet for the first time, and the chills shiver their bones as each of their eyes meet the others.  They are complete strangers but feel they have met before.  “Have we met?“, she wonders.  “I could swear I have met her somewhere before…“, he thinks.  She looks deeper into his eyes, and he looks a gaze into hers.  They both notice that the pupil of each other’s eyes dilates with happiness as their staring at one another collide into a new spectrum of feelings inside of themselves.

The lady reaches her hand out to shake his, and the gentleman’s hand meets her halfway with his hand outstretched…glancing down only for a moment to make sure that his hand embraces her delicate grasp.  Their eyes meet back together again, even as he pulls her hand to his lips for a soft, gentle kiss on the fair skin of her hand.  She wonders if her palms are sweaty or her hand is quivering as she feels the nerves on her neck stand on end.  The gentleman claps his lips together and presses the kiss atop her delicate hand, but he holds his lips there for a moment…savoring the scent of this beautiful woman so close to his senses.  He can almost hear her pulse race as he rests there with his lips caressing the nervous jittering of her hand, and he smiles into her eyes.  She feels the warmth her cheeks are radiating as her cheeks flush with red, but she still cannot take her eyes off of the beautiful golden tones in his gaze.  Her pulse is racing.  His heart is pounding.

They are no longer strangers.