Happy Sunday ūüėĀ

I was so happy when I woke up this morning to my fellow bloggers participating in my first Sunday Ramble prompt. It was an honor to see some of my favorite bloggers rambling with me.

I had some chicken and waffles for breakfast ūüėč,and I will have Thanksgiving leftovers for dinner.

Now, I am watching my games for NFL Sunday. My boys don’t play today since they played for Thursday Night Football and got their bums kicked inside out.

I will be doing my challenges and prompt after the Ravens and Browns play on Sunday Night Football ūüŹą

See y’all soon! ūü§ó

xoxo, E.M.

E.M.’s One Liner Wednesday

Linda Hill has a challenge called One Liner Wednesdays, and I thought I would use a picture to tell a story. I stepped away from the dark side for a moment, and I hope you enjoy my first one liner. Don’t forget to check out her blog and give some love back. This is another really cool challenge to increase creativity *smiles*

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

After a beautifully perfect morning, she found herself in a rain of leaves on a cool fall day, and she found herself happy, content, and feeling wonderful for the first time in a while.

xoxo, E.M.

A Dedication To Lil’ Chefs


Braids, ponytails, and hair spiked on top
Curly hair, pixie cuts, and even a mohawk
Twirly dresses trimmed in flowery lace
Jeans, shorts, and an apron on stock

Tiny, little human chefs
Wise beyond their years
Wielding a spatula and skillet
It brings me to happy tears

The sight is amazing to see what they can do
Little people with such big, awesome hearts
Cooking for a competition of champions
With their most favorite dish to start

Chopping, dicing, cubing their feast
All with a friendly smile as they stand on their feet
Baking, searing, and even flambé
They are little chefs striving to never be beat

Note From E. M.

I was inspired to write this after watching Master Chef Junior. ¬†I was catching up on episodes on Hulu, and it just hit me to write about such talented little people. ¬†(I think when I was their age, I was lucky to be able to make macaroni & cheese… ) ¬†I look forward to catching up on the rest of the episodes, but good luck to all the little chefs cooking their little hearts out on the show.

Full of Love

When I think of you
My lips turn up with a smile
My heart races like a stallion
My body could run a mile

When you look at me
My eyes sparkle back at you
My soul ignites with passion
My melting limbs turn to goo

When I look at you
My future become clear
My life has a completion
My armistice needs you near

When life has no meaning
You bring me back to light
You guide my way back home
You keep me in your sight

When tears fill my eyes
You wipe them away
You teach me to smile again
You show me the way

When I am happy…
Our love filled me up.

A Light Shower of Nature

The sky dropping drips of drizzling rain
Upon my dry face looking towards the sky

Tip tapping upon the skin of my face
As the smell of the fresh air enhances my senses

Drops bouncing off of the tip of my soaked shoes
With my arms reaching out wide to receive the showers

Zip my lips shut to feel the water upon my lips
And opening it back up to taste the freshness

My hair curls with each little, wet breeze
Affixing it to my head as the rain drops faster

In this magical moment, I feel free and alive
Being one with the natural feeling of nature

I'm part of Post A Day 2016;

When Four Eyes Collide

Their eyes meet for the first time, and the chills shiver their bones as each of their eyes meet the others. ¬†They are complete strangers but feel they have met before. ¬†“Have we met?“, she wonders. ¬†“I could swear I have met her somewhere before…“, he thinks. ¬†She looks deeper into his eyes, and he looks a gaze into hers. ¬†They both notice that the pupil of each other’s eyes dilates with happiness as their staring at one another collide into a new spectrum of feelings inside of themselves.

The lady reaches her hand out to shake his, and the gentleman’s hand meets her halfway with his hand outstretched…glancing down only for a moment to make sure that his hand embraces her delicate grasp. ¬†Their eyes meet back together again, even as he pulls her hand to his lips for a soft, gentle kiss on the fair skin of her hand. ¬†She wonders if her palms are sweaty or her hand is quivering as she feels the nerves on her neck stand on end. ¬†The gentleman claps his lips together and presses the kiss atop her delicate hand, but he holds his lips there for a moment…savoring the scent of this beautiful woman so close to his senses. ¬†He can almost hear her pulse race as he rests there with his lips caressing the nervous jittering of her hand, and he smiles into her eyes. ¬†She feels the warmth her cheeks are radiating as her cheeks flush with red, but she still cannot take her eyes off of the beautiful golden tones in his gaze. ¬†Her pulse is racing. ¬†His heart is pounding.

They are no longer strangers.