E.M.’s October 1st Fibs

It’s that time again for me to tell my delusional depictions of PCGuyIV and Pensitivity’s Fibbing Friday. It was a really cool cinematic/broadway theme. I hope you all enjoy my fibs *giggles*…because it was nice to take a break from packing and come up with my crazy answers.

  1. Who is standing around a cauldron at the beginning of MacBeth?
    The little girl from that horror movie that always has her hair in her face in the horror movie The Ring.
  2. What happens at the end of Romeo and Juliet?
    The two young lovers ran away with the circus and fed peanuts to elephants for the rest of their lives, until they are both murdered by a chimpanzee with a homicidal tendency.
  3. What was Les Misérables about?
    The life of a woman who was so miserable that she began eating people. Her first victim’s name was Les.
  4. Why did the Phantom wear a mask?
    He took his inspiration from Jim Carrey. They were besties.
  5. Which cat earned the right to go to the Heavyside Lair?
    Grumpy Cat…His face was considered so ugly that it was cute, so he got special privilege.
  6. Chicago wasn’t about women on death row in the 1920s. What was it about?
    Richard Gere’s action of going AWOL from the Navy…
  7. West Side Story was based on which of Shakespeare’s plays?
    Love’s Labour’s Won and Love’s Labour’s Lost – prequel and sequel
  8. Which Disney animated movie turned Broadway musical was inspired by Hamlet?
  9. Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street wasn’t about a homicidal barber. What was it about?
    Edward Scissorhands…
  10. Where did The King and I take place?

xoxo, E.M.

Fibbing Friday by E.M

This Fibbing Friday was brought to us by Pensitivity101 and PC Guy, and this is my second challenge. The first challenge I did, I found from a fellow blogger, and I like stretching the truth on these posts and using my imagination to come up with answers very far from the truth. I’m an honest person in real life, so these are really fun. Enjoy my lies! *haha*

  1. What is the difference between an earth worm and an ear worm?
    An earthworm is round, blue, with many bumps that look like land masses, while an ear worm is a worm that wiggles up to your ear to tell you all of the secrets from people around you.
  2. What is a Mars Bar?
    It’s a gymnast’s practice equipment to make them spin like they are reaching the gravitational pull of the planet Mars.
  3. What colour is a peanut?
    Purple…duh! They get that way from being ran through a wine press after they have been toasted to paint them with the essence of goodness.
  4. What is meant by dressed up like a dog’s dinner?
    It means that it is filled with the text messages from all the girls who are texting your boyfriend, who is indeed a dog.
  5. What is an orange pippin?
    It’s a dessert found in the deepest rainforest, and it looks like Scotty Pippin when you squeeze the juice out.
  6. What do an owl, pussy cat and five pound note all have in common?
    They are quiet, light, and only come out when there is an apocalyptic threat in the area.
  7. Where would you find a Bunny Girl?
    In a magical forest that opens up only when you are in the back of a wardrobe. It’s said there are lions, minotaur, and witches there as well.
  8. What is the difference between an heir and a hair?
    An heir is a bubble that comes up from wild sea creatures in the Pacific Ocean as they are hiding from the humans passing by, and a hair is a golden needle that will weave the life you have always wished and dreamed about.
  9. What is meant by fringe benefits?
    They are things that sit on the ruffle of lace to make you feel more beautiful.
  10. What is a whimsy?
    It’s the best football play to ever be used on Sunday Night Football, but it can only be used when you have a terrible quarterback.

xoxo, E.M.

Festival: WOTD

People swamp in like rats through the sewage

Cups in hand as they brush across each other

As the chords of music grace their ears

The smell of candied sugar whipped to stick

Corn dogs, turkey legs, lemonade

Beer, insanity, but fun

Dancing, living, and enjoying

Singing and chanting

Socialization at its highest point

It’s a festival of spirit

As much as a gathering of people

It’s a celebration of music

It’s a celebration of unity

It’s a celebration of us


The last festival I had attended was in 2011, and it was in Little Rock, Arkansas. My ex-husband and I had went to Edgefest, and it had a huge turnout. With this pandemic, I miss these kinds of gatherings. I met so many great people, and we were packed to the front like marshmallows in a bag. It got a little scary when turkey legs flew into the air because what goes up…must come down. However, it was one of the greatest moments of my life, and I hope we get back to a point to where we get to enjoy life like that again…without risk of pandemic or sickness.

xoxo E.M.

Autumn Finally!

Orange and black colors
Filling my mind with delight
Fake webs hanging above the doors
Loving the season with all of my might

My own Nightmare Before Christmas
As the cold winds blow into the trees
The autumn skies glowing on the brush
The falling leaves brings my heart to appease

The night time brings forth it’s somber tune
Exceptional sounds fill the air at night
As the barn owl hoots at the dark moon
As the coyote’s howl brings us a fright

Jacket weather and the nice cool breeze
No more roasting against the hot sun
A good time to give your loved ones a squeeze
Now is the time for bonfires and fun

The Daily Post:  Word of the Day = Exceptional