The Winter Walk – Aria and Cooper

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Aria had been walking forever it seemed, though it had only been minutes. The cold breeze in her face had turned her nose a bright pink, and her feet were freezing in her boots. The snow made her steps harder and heavier. Each step made the cabin feel farther away and made her legs feel like wet noodles from keeping her balance.

When she saw the cabin come into sight, her pace quickened as much as it could without tripping her in the snow. The light in the cabin was flickering, and she could see her father’s silhouette reflecting off of the window. She could smell the smoke from the fireplace hanging in the air. It smelled good. She was almost home. Thank goodness, Aria thought. It was too cold to speak the words aloud, and she wished she would have worn a warmer coat. She underestimated the snowfall while coming back from her aunt’s cabin up the road.

“Just a little bit further”, she said to herself.

The path had gotten a little icy from melting and re-freezing throughout the daylight into the night. She worked hard not to slip

Her father waved his hand happily with his face lingering in the window. When she reached the porch, she snuffed out the lantern and rested against the strong wooden porch to catch her breath. She heard something wrestling around in the trees behind her as she leaned against the rail.

“Is someone there?” She asked out into the cold darkness behind her. The moving stopped.

She was scared to move because she did not have any idea if it was an animal or a human moving around behind her. Cautiously, she looked behind her without moving too fast or too much. When she finally saw what was making the noise, she busted out in laughter.

“Cooper! You silly hound! You scared the wits out of me!”

Cooper wagged his tail, ran up for puppy kisses, and they both walked into the house where Aria’s father had dinner ready for the both of them.

This was written for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge.

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Paradise Found – FFFC #143 and Wordle #265

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Jerri looked out of the window at the vacation condo that she escaped to, and the view was amazing. She saw the steep mountains in the distance as the wood of the landscape hugged the view from her window. They were so far away, but she could still see the grade marks put onto them by the environment. They were absolutely gorgeous. It was one of those scenic views that she had only seen in those antique, framed pictures that you find at estate sales for a fifty-cent piece, or like the ones that are resting on the walls of hotels that were in the cities.

To the right of her window, there were some flowering plants growing on the tall trees, and to the left, there were some ancient palms that had collected a few vines throughout the years. She wondered if the birds in the distance would obtain enough bravery to visit her window, even the parrot soaring above brought her a feeling of colossal happiness. She began recording all of the beautiful scenery until she felt a bump on her leg.

At her feet, her companion brushed up against her leg. It was her Siamese cat named Bruce, and he was due an adventure to the paradise Jerri had just found. He was her best friend, and she did not have anyone to take care of him while she escaped. Bruce used his back legs to bounce up into the window sill. He was brawny for a cat and very sturdy. He seemed to be enjoying the natural essence of the getaway.

Jerri and Bruce took a seat near the open window, and she took a deep breath while petting the feline posted up on her lap. She found paradise, and the feline did too. The worries in her mind were zilch. It was a good day.

E.M.’s Flash Fiction #139

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As she lies there next to her hand-drawn friend, she sees what her world can be if she just creates it for herself. She lays there without a care in this world, and she sets her heart free. While she still holds onto her heart, she feels love and admiration of her friend…as this is what she feels is the best feeling in the world. She’s not alone. She has Mr. Chalk, clothes on her back, and a beautiful sky above her.

She could lay there like that for hours imagining that Mr. Chalk was real, and in her mind, he was her best friend. He did not argue with her or tell her that she was not enough. Her peace came so easily while she had him next to her because she felt safe from harm.

At the right time of the day, they would lie in the sunshine, soaking up the Vitamin D from the sun. Other times of the day, the tree shadows would hold the string of her heart, protecting it from the world around them.

No one could pop Mr. Chalk’s balloon, and there was not a soul that could break Amy’s big heart.

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Sebastian’s Story – Part 1 #FFFC

Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge is a really cool prompt to get your gears grinding in your creative mind. This is my first one, so I hope you enjoy! Be sure to check out his blog and show him some love while you are there.

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‘Mommy…where are you?’

Sebastian stood there with his nose to the glass as he lingered at the window with his best friend, Klaus. He could not recall how long she had been gone. He just stood there, occasionally glancing over to the dog. Tears were taking shape in his eyes, and his lip began to pucker just a tad. He was young, but he was also very smart. Time was passing, and he thought him and Klaus were all alone. It was almost dinner time.

‘Who will feed and ‘nuggle wif us now?’

The dog looks at him cocking his head to the side a bit at the high pitch of Sebastian’s tone. Sebastian stares back blankly but huffing his breath a bit about to cry. Klaus goes back to looking out the window, without a care in the world it seemed. He knew the other human was in the kitchen making some dinner and was starting to smell the aromas of the food, but the little man was very attached to his busy human.

Sebastian’s mother was the epitome of a rock star. She worked two jobs in the daytime and one at night while her mother watched the boy for her. She was gone a lot to put food on the table and to make sure they had a roof over their head. The only days she had with Sebastian were on Wednesdays, and today was that day. Sebastian would wait for it every week like clockwork. Why was today different?

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