Grounded Happily

It’s funny how time changes when you are alone. Sometimes it flows slower because you are not racing to make anyone else happy anymore. You can take a moment to breathe in a deep breath, and that breath revives your inner-self and soul. It feels so good that even your bones feel free of release from pain, stress, worry, and anxiety. You feel loose rather than the tightness of glue on your skin. Alone feels like freedom when you allow yourself to feel truly in your own skin and space that belongs only to you. You feel grounded. Your soul regroups. Then you’re able to feel surrounded by you and feel like you’re not alone anymore. 

In My Bones

Shivering to my bones with teeth clattering loudly, I hold myself tightly.

Creating friction from my hands to my shaking limbs, I rub swiftly.

The chilling air has rendered me spastic with cold.

Winter is coming at a high rate of speed, am I not ready?

No… I’m not.