Trust [Reblog]

Beautiful words on trust 😌 Thanks GS!

Be Inspired..!!

Trust that the future can still be beautiful even if it looks different than what you were expecting. Trust that even here, more is unfolding beyond what you have been able to see. Even when things have changed.

You may not be able to be everything to everyone, but you can still be everything you were meant to be by choosing to be present and ready to grow at every place on the journey. You do not miss out on what is meant for you when someone says “no” to you. You have not missed out on being able to know Love and Peace just because all that fell apart this year. You are still here, and this matters more than you know. You are going to have more opportunities to live, to learn, to grow.

Years from now, you won’t remember every conversation, every though or everything you accomplished…

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Brutal Life Lessons [Reblog]

Be Inspired..!!

Brutal life lessons no one teaches you.

  • Nobody Cares.
  • Take time to know who you are.
  • The more you give, the more you receive.
  • No work is beneath you.
  • Start meditating.
  • Don’t be afraid to take risks.
  • Don’t make decision when you’re emotional.
  • Lick words if hard work runs.
  • Be patient and persistent.
  • You don’t need to impress everyone.
  • Listen to learn.
  • Don’t take the easy road.
  • Start reading books.
  • Respect other as you would respect yourself.
  • Narrow down you focus bit by bit.
  • You quit, you lose, you fail.
  • Put your best foot forward.
  • Don’t bother what other people think.
  • Learn something new every day.
  • Don’t make assumptions.
  • Believe in yourself.

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Words Of Wisdom From Jimmy Carter — Filosofa’s Word [Reblog]

Please take a minute to read the words of the 39th President of the United States shared by Jill on her blog (below) about our current state of government. I never knew him because he was before my time, so to say. The first POTUS I remembered was Ronald Reagan. My grandmother used to talk about Jimmy Carter all the time though.

I see the things happening in this country, and it’s just so detrimental to my soul. I don’t know that we will ever come back from the mess and wreckage that has been done to this country by the abuse of power and insurrection of #45.

Yesterday, I had more than enough of articles about the anniversary of the January 6th attempted coup … I was on overload, most of the articles repeating the dire warnings of the one I had read just before and that I had previously expressed here on Filosofa’s Word.  Mind you, I understand the desire to […]

Words Of Wisdom From Jimmy Carter — Filosofa’s Word

“Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.”

-Martin Luther King, Jr.

January 6th Anniversary — Demand Accountability! [Reblog]

Please take a moment and read this post about the terrorist attacks on the US Capital a year ago. I found this through Fandango, and it was worth the reblog because it is so important. I agree with everything said, and we need to protect ourselves from another coup in the future.

Filosofa's Word

Today is January 6th 2022, exactly one year after the insurrection, riots, attempted coup, or whatever terminology you choose to use, at the U.S. Capitol in an attempt by Trump and his mindless followers to overturn the election that was won, fair and honestly, by President Joseph Biden.

Much has been discovered about who, how, and why the horrific, nightmare-inducing events of that day occurred, but as yet, far too much remains shrouded in mystery as damn near every person subpoenaed to give evidence in front of the committee investigating the day has refused or ignored the subpoena, and as conflicting tales come from the likes of Steve Bannon, Peter Navarro, Mike Pence, and countless others.  Others who have been subpoenaed to testify have appeared before the committee and then pleaded the Fifth Amendment, the right not to incriminate oneself by one’s testimony.  I break here for my thoughts…

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For E.M’s Word Prompt [Reblog]

Thank you, Ravenclaw! This was a great story using my prompt! 🙂 I am going to reblog it for my followers to enjoy. 😀 I got a giggle about the opera singers who could not sing and the people clucking like chickens.

Writer Ravenclaw

Mary laughed at the group of chair crashing across the hall and wondered if this was all an act. Did they actually believe they were in the Grand National, or were they paid to be this silly. Either way it was hilarious.

Under a hypnotic spell, there were some, who clucked like chickens. Some thought they were operatic singers, but could barely sing a note. It was well worth the money to have a good laugh for once.

A holiday, after COVID restrictions had been lifted, needed to happen. They were all tired of being at home, and a holiday camp was just the thing to give back some much needed energy.

‘Three, two, one, when I click my fingers you will think you are on a life raft, and the only thing to drink is the rain water. You use your shoe to catch any water and drink it…

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Precious Gain [Reblog]

This was a beautiful poem by Shreya Shah using my word prompt! Thank you, Shreya!

Shreya Shah

A hypnotic gaze,

For several minutes long,

Difficult to break away,

It did not feel so wrong.

Barely a word spoken,

But a deep understanding,

For the eyes were generous,

As a lot left unsaid.

The time has passed,

And it won’t happen again,

To be treasured till the last,

Indeed, a precious gain.

@ 2022 Shreya Shah

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The Power of “No” — Intellectual Shaman [Reblog]

Saying “no” is the most important word— not because of the bad things we need to avoid but the control, “no” gives to us. I’ve lived my life in the flow for too long It’s time to say “no” It’s impossible to make sense of this life if we don’t stop. Trading one problem, for […]

The Power of “No” — Intellectual Shaman

Many times we’re too scared to say “No” for fear of hurting feelings or upsetting someone to anger them by telling them that word. This is a great poem from the Intellectual Shaman about getting a sense of self and individuality by learning to tell others “no”.

Unlocking that Special Feeling — Intellectual Shaman

Those who feel, that feelings are overrated don’t know the power of a feeling. We feel squashed by the vices of others—tightening, to control. Feeling alive—is so rare a feeling—when we travel to unfamiliar places or believe that we have magic at our fingertips. Music and words come out of us like grandiosity It’s a […]

Unlocking that Special Feeling — Intellectual Shaman

I do not do too many reblogs, but this post spoke to me. Those are the ones I always share with all of you. Feelings are important, and I think that sometimes we forget that other people’s feelings matter as much as our own. Feelings give us life, liberty, power, and tell someone who we are…purely by how we feel about ourselves or our situation. Empathy for others when they share their voice with you is so very important. If we all could feel this feeling that the Intellectual Shaman describes, I think the world we live in would be more desirable.

Love the people that surround you and the world in which you surround yourself. The act of feeling alive and one with the world around you is special. Be sure to run to the post and show this blog some love.

xoxo E.M.

Poem about psychosis by Therapy Bits–Reblog

its like a dream
everythings serene
but my head spins
wizzing, it goes never slows
i sit, i dont want to quit
but life drags me down
and i begin to frown
am i here,
or do i even care
psychosis my therapist says
why, i try, and i try i just want to fly […]

Poem about psychosis <— Click Here to Read the Full Poem by the Author
I am new to reblogging, so I hope I am doing this right. The author, Carol Anne, has a blog called Therapy Bits. She wrote this amazing poem that I could feel and relate to, so I wanted to share it with all of you that follow me. Be sure to stop over and show her some love.

xoxo E.M.