A Stranger In My Own Country [Reblog]

I have been doing a lot of reblogs from my friend, Jill. This one is exceptionally brilliant, but it also brings you to think about the world and its current situation. As a volunteer and activist, I am supposed to be politically unbiased, meaning not endorsing anyone publicly. However, I will always stand against political figures who make this country look like a joke, which it has looked that way for a while.

When I started college, I knew that I wanted to do something that mattered, and so I chose to major in two areas–political science and criminal justice. I never knew how much those degrees would mean to me, but then I look around at the current state of the union and the state of our constitutional rights. It’s appalling. It’s treacherous. It’s embarrassing.

I just wanted to share this post with you all, and let you know that regardless of what Ron DeSantis says…wokeness is the path to change. When all are woke, we see through the carnage that is being caused by white supremacy and colonization of anyone who is not in the white boy club.

If that phrase offends you, I am talking about you. If you feel uncomfortable when I say we live in white supremacy…you are part of the problem. Stay WOKE!

xoxo, E.M.

Filosofa's Word

Y’know … lately I’ve begun to feel very much a persona non grata in the nation I was born in and have lived in for all of my 70 years.  Why?  Comments like this one from Florida governor Ron DeSantis …

“We want people that are going to fight the left, and that’s what we need to do in this country. That’s what we’re doing in Florida, standing up for people’s freedoms. We’re opposing wokeness. We’re opposing all these things.”

So, to be clear, DeSantis says ‘they’ (whoever ‘they’ are) oppose equal rights for Blacks, LGBTQ people, women, Latinos, atheists, Jews, Muslims, and anyone who doesn’t meet DeSantis’ approval, for that is what “wokeness” is, as defined by the narrow-minded conservatives who see white, Christian males as superior to all others.  And ‘they’ oppose helping people in need, oppose international alliances and trade, and oppose basically anything that is supported…

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My Heart Breaks ~ Along with my Eyes

We sit and watch barely helping at all, as long as we stand 10-feet-tall... While mommas and babies are slaughtered, tragedies are severely overlooked Journalists bombed, disregarded Fear of a little bitty man sitting in a little bitty room with a button of destruction A disaster besieged upon the people, humanity is at a loss …

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Who Won The Week — 02/27/22 [Reblog]

This is definitely worth a good read with all that is happening.
Thank you, Fandango! I love that you are never scared to speak your truth.
xoxo, E.M.

This, That, and the Other

The idea behind Who Won the Week is to give you the opportunity to select who (or what) you think “won” this past week. Your selection can be anyone or anything — politicians, celebrities, athletes, authors, bloggers, your friends or family members, books, movies, TV shows, businesses, organizations, whatever.

If you want to participate, write your own post designating who you think won the week and why you think they deserve your nod. Then link back to this post and tag you post with FWWTW.

Quite honestly, I am struggling to find a winner of the week this week. Maybe it’s my frame of mind because I’m reading, watching, and hearing nothing but bad news. So my Who Won the Week winner is no one and nothing. Instead, I’m going on a rant. Buckle up.

Vladimir Putin is reportedly one of the world’s richest leaders, though there…

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A Voice From When News Was News [Reblog]

Thank you, Jill, for publishing this article. A must-read on what is happening on the other side of the globe…
I remember my grandmother always listening to Dan Rather during the last war.
I hope for peace and pray for the people of Ukraine.
xoxo, E.M.

Filosofa's Word

I often miss the newscasters of yore, people like Walter Cronkite, Peter Jennings, Diane Sawyer, John Chancellor, the team of Huntley-Brinkley, and more.  One who is still around, though no longer serving as a news anchor, is Dan Rather.  His periodic newsletters are insightful and informative, and today I share his latest, his take on Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

Reacting to War

Dan Rather and Elliot Kirschner

Feb 24  

The world spins.

The sun sets on a nation under attack.

The sun rises on a desperate awareness of a new, dire, and unpredictable crisis. 

Panic spreads across Ukraine as the sounds of death echo across its cities and countryside. We must think first and foremost of those facing the brunt of the invasion, especially the civilians who will inevitably be caught in the crossfire of conflict. We can picture the parents desperately trying to soothe the fears of their children…

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Why I’ve Lost Hope [Reblog]

If you care about democracy in the United States, read this…Thank you, Fandango for keeping us all informed on current events.

This, That, and the Other

I’ve always thought of myself as a glass half full kind of guy. But I’m sorry to say that I no longer feel that way. Any optimism I have felt in the past has been displaced by an overwhelming sense of doom. I have lost hope for America.

Why? Well, while 85% of Democrats say what happened on January 6, 2021 was “an insurrection,” 56% of Republicans describe it as “defending freedom.” Basically, according to the Republican way of thinking these days, left-wing violence is anti-American terrorism, but right-wing violence is understandable, and even justified. It’s patriotic, they believe.

Yesterday I posted about how the Republican senators blocked the efforts by Democrats to pass legislation that would guarantee voting rights to all Americans. Not one Republican lawmaker in either house of Congress voted in favor of ensuring voting rights for all Americans.

Why else am I pessimistic? Republicans in red…

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