Dragging My Behind … Sleepy Ramble

Last night I think I was a bit manic and racy because I had insomnia like crazy. I was up too late, and so today, I feel like my arse is following behind me on the floor. (How many of you just saw a dog scooting their butt on the ground? Haha!) 😀

All jokes aside, I am so tired that I have tried to write with my prompts a few times today and scratched everything that I was able to come up with. My posts are sitting in my draft folder yelling at me for putting them there. I figure I will fix them tomorrow.

It will be an early night for me.

Next time y’all see me up later than normal, tell me to take my behind to bed 😀 😀 😀

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Comfort Zone of E.M. ~ #Bloganuary

Image Credit: Bloganuary

When I uprooted my life and moved to California, I left my comfort zone. I only had utilities to pay. No car payment, and no house payment. I owned my land, and everything was mine.

Now I stay with family instead of having my own place, but it is not a bad thing. It would feel good to have my own place, but my disabilities have stopped me from being productive for my financial growth since moving here.

It’s going to get better though. I am working really hard to get my physical ailments fixed to make me functional in society again.

I am lucky to have a good support system and people that care about me in the transition away from what I knew to be comforting. Now I have new comfort.

xoxo, E.M.

E.M.’s World – 1/3/2022

It’s weird typing the date as “2022”, but it really is a new year. I am sure it will test, challenge, and frustrate me like all the other years, but at least I will do it with a smile for the most part.

With that said, this post is for Melanie B. Cee’s Share Your World. It’s a Q & A prompt to allow your reader to know a little bit about you without getting too personal, as some of us choose to keep our anonymity.

Here are the questions:


Ricky “The Pious” Raccoon asks a two-parter: (12-2-2021)

What frivolous, but annoying, thing that people do be considered a sin (crime)?

Chewing food with their mouth open to the point that you can hear the food sloshing in their mouth as they chew and the slapping of their lips together while they do it should most definitely be considered sinful and/or a crime. It sounds like a cow chewing its cud, and it’s a terribly bad habit.

And how should violators be made to repent (be punished) for it?

Hmm. Good question. A slap in the face after all the food is swallowed sounds good to me. Anyone can enforce it…just walk up and tell them to chew with their mouth closed and then pop them right in the cheek. That’s how bad it annoys me 😀 😀 😀

Mary “The Poster Lamb For Cute” (12-9-2021) asks

Imagination IN and impracticality and logic aside, if you could pick one animal to have as an exotic pet based solely on how cute and adorable it is, what would it be?

An owl. I love owls. It does not matter which kind of owl. I think all of them are beautiful, majestic, and sacred. They are also my spirit animal.

The Sponkies (the result of an unusual pairing of a donkey and a sparkle pony) 12-16-2021

Do you have any siblings? If so, where do you rank in birth order? And do you think either of these facts contributed to the person you became?

Yes. I have two siblings. They are both sisters. One sister I share the same mom, and the other I share the same dad. I am the baby of the three of us. I have always had the strongest wild side of the three of us, but I do not believe it had anything to do with them. I was strong-minded and stubborn even as a child. My sister that I live with would tell you that I was a brat that got her in trouble all the time, so I think I have always been a pain in the arse 😀 😀

12-23-2021 ZAC (short for Prozac because his somewhat maniacal grinning face is rather creepy)…

We all have things that make us happy, but what makes you deliriously, giddily, tail wagging-ly happy?

When people do things for me that I am not expecting, I get really happy and giddy. I also get like that when I get praise from someone. It makes me feel like I have accomplished something.

Evil Squirrel (and the final question from E.S. “Nest” o’ fun!) 12-30-2021

If you had an alter ego, who or what would it be? Describe some fun or interesting things about them!

Sometimes I feel like I already have an alter ego. Being a Gemini, it’s a given that there are two sides to me, and they are both very different. The good twin is caring, loving, compassionate, and all of those other traits that are making her unique to herself. The bad twin is a bit of a twit, brat, or whichever other name that can relate to her obnoxiousness. She has a wild side, and she partakes in risky behavior…shops way too much and does not get attached to people…mostly because no one sticks around, so why should she? I don’t like my bad twin very much when I am trying to figure out life. In my mind’s eye, she would be the confident one, and the good one is the emotional one.

If I could relate that to some type of person or superhero, my alter ego would be a female version of Venom.


What are some hopes or accomplishments you’d like to see happen in 2022?

I will make a list on this one.

  • Get my paralegal certification
  • Take the LSAT
  • Get my pain figured out and fixed
  • Get a job
  • Lose a few pounds but not too many
  • Get in better physical shape
  • Fix the small issues with my car
  • Paint my room
  • Love myself

These are just the things that come to mind.

Thank you Melanie for this amazing prompt for us to participate in! We all appreciate you and all of the hard work you do on WordPress. ❤

Humpday Hmphs from E.M.

Today has been one of those days that try out my medicine for me. There are many things going on, and I think that my meds are having to work overtime today.

When my spine doctor upped my Lyrica at night, we forgot to adjust the prescription to make sure I did not run out of meds. Well, guess what? I am feeling all my nerve pain because I have had to space out pills and take less than prescribed amounts to not run out before tomorrow. It’s got me grouchy and frustrated, so my posts will probably reflect this mood. Just typing this is making my shoulder feel like it is on fire *growls*.

Then, Klaus decided to use my pillow for his hiking post when I was grabbing my breakfast, which absolutely infuriated me. My psychiatrist upped my night dosage of the Seroquel to stabilize my mood from the manic episodes because I have been triggered a lot the past two weeks, mostly by the dogs’ bad behaviors. Marcel joined him in behavior this morning taste-testing my pancake while I took a trip to the loo.

Last, but most important, my oldest daughter and her boyfriend have tested positive for Covid after the Christmas festivities. She was symptomatic the very next day. Along with them, her boyfriend’s mom and dad and a few other people got it. Luckily they know the source, and the source self-quarantined as soon as they heard that the family was having symptoms. My daughter and her boyfriend are fully vaccinated (minus the booster because it’s due next month), and his mom is as well. His dad is not vaccinated, so pray for him because he has developed symptoms as well. They are not sure which strain of the virus…as they just said “POSITIVE”, and my daughter says she feels okay. She said it feels like the flu with a head cold. The clinic is treating their symptoms.

There is an important lesson in my daughter’s situation though. Her boyfriend’s mother and someone else, (cannot remember who), did a rapid test the day they developed symptoms. It came back negative and got sent off. The cousin who had the covid in the beginning also had a negative test. So the lesson is to be tested 3-5 days prior to joining a social situation. Rapid tests are rapid, but that does not mean they are accurate. Everyone rushed around and got rapid tests, and it spread covid rapidly *shrugs*

Please stay safe everyone!

xoxo, E.M.

Manic Wednesday?

It’s been one of those days of manic episodes. My morning started out unusual and kept going. This episode numbed all the pain in my body, and I went on a cleaning spree.

That wasn’t the weirdest thing though. I remembered my dreams for the first time since starting my medicine. I have not remembered dreaming for about 2 months.

I don’t know if this is good or bad, but my dream was realistic. I had to message my friend to make sure we didn’t have a conversation on the phone.

Long story short, I was manicly high all day, and now I feel like I walked through a wind tunnel. Exhausted 😩

xoxo, E.M.

My Best Things in Life – FPQ #147

This week, Fandango’s Provocative question asks:

What’s the best thing you’ve got going on in your life at the moment?

My answer is:

I have a few things that come to mind that are the best things, but the very best thing that is going on in my life is that I finally feel good mentally. I had been spiraling in manic episodes for so long that I felt out of control and near suicidal. I was out of control, and I am finally feeling like the real me. The real me is passive and not so dark. I still like to be an emo-type girl, but that bright side of me comes out in moments when it should. That feels stable and secure. I don’t like not feeling safe. This is also the first time I am putting myself first when choosing “my best thing”.

The second best thing going on in my life right now is that my grandbaby will be turning 1 year old on December 14th. It doesn’t seem like it’s been a year since my daughter was induced and had her. This is my grandbaby:

Image Credit: M. H.

She is my light in the darkness. With one of her smiles, she makes me smile, and that is a good way to spend the day.

xoxo, E.M.

E.M.’s World – 11/08/2021

Every week, Melanie invites us to share a little piece of our world with questions from her Share Your World prompt. This is my world that I will share this week.

How many pillows do you sleep with? If over one or two, is it because you sleep better ‘propped up’ a little?

I sleep with two pillows in the beginning, and as I sleep, it dwindles down to the one below my big head lol. The initial 2nd pillow is to prop my arm up while I finish playing games on my phone or when my arm is hurting. I have a torn labrum in my armpit and microtears on my rotator cuff, and then I have some narrowing in my neck nerves from a herniated disc after a fusion in 2016. The second pillow helps me to fall asleep, but the poor thing usually finds itself wedged against the wall before I wake up.

What would be the worst thing you could put in a piñata?

Slime…Liquid Cheddar Cheese…Anything Wet or Sticky

What noise annoys you the most?

The gasping sound of the little boy on The Grudge, The Purge Siren, or a squeaky chair

If cartoon physics suddenly replaced real physics, what are some things you would want to try?

The dropping of the jaw with the backlash of it dropping over and over again from something shocking.


Please share something good that has happened to you over the past month.

I began feeling more like myself due to my medicine beginning to kick in and level my anxiety episodes, and I have had fewer depressive episodes as well. I am sleeping more normally, and my insomnia is subsiding due to the sleeping aspect of my bipolar meds as well.

Sunday Ramble – Anxiety, Wind, and Otherwise

Hello everyone! I have had a bad mental health weekend since I am getting used to the new meds. My highs are really high, and my sleep has been non-existent due to the highs making me like a kid jacked up on sugar, except for an entire week. I think in 5 days that I have slept less than 12 hours.

Then, to top it off, we have some very strong wind that is making the gazebo blinds smack the crap out of me when I am outside smoking, so there has been no comfort and lots of anger triggers. I have been annoyed to the point that I cannot concentrate on my favorite Sunday activity during this time of the year…football. I think I watched a little bit here and there. Tomorrow my team plays though, which I am excited about.

Long story short…E.M. is having a manic weekend. Works are in progress. I’ll be back at it again tomorrow, hopefully.

xoxo, E.M.