My Heart Breaks ~ Along with my Eyes

We sit and watch barely helping at all, as long as we stand 10-feet-tall... While mommas and babies are slaughtered, tragedies are severely overlooked Journalists bombed, disregarded Fear of a little bitty man sitting in a little bitty room with a button of destruction A disaster besieged upon the people, humanity is at a loss …

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Humanity Aborted

Photo by Albin Biju on Cooperate...comply... Words used to freely, no compassion When lives are at stake In a world full of oppression Screams ring out loudly in the streets Slaughters happen and get excused They echo in my sullen heart As society divides unpeacefully Clean slates, not existent No freedom of speech, censored …

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Words Of Wisdom From Jimmy Carter — Filosofa’s Word [Reblog]

Please take a minute to read the words of the 39th President of the United States shared by Jill on her blog (below) about our current state of government. I never knew him because he was before my time, so to say. The first POTUS I remembered was Ronald Reagan. My grandmother used to talk …

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E.M’s Inspirations – #Bloganuary

The January 6th Bloganuary is: Image Credit: Bloganuary For most of my life, my grandmother was my inspiration, and she still is. I just gained new people that inspire me as I have grown and found my place in society. I am going to make a list of the people that inspire me, and they …

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January 6th Anniversary — Demand Accountability! [Reblog]

Please take a moment and read this post about the terrorist attacks on the US Capital a year ago. I found this through Fandango, and it was worth the reblog because it is so important. I agree with everything said, and we need to protect ourselves from another coup in the future.

Filosofa's Word

Today is January 6th 2022, exactly one year after the insurrection, riots, attempted coup, or whatever terminology you choose to use, at the U.S. Capitol in an attempt by Trump and his mindless followers to overturn the election that was won, fair and honestly, by President Joseph Biden.

Much has been discovered about who, how, and why the horrific, nightmare-inducing events of that day occurred, but as yet, far too much remains shrouded in mystery as damn near every person subpoenaed to give evidence in front of the committee investigating the day has refused or ignored the subpoena, and as conflicting tales come from the likes of Steve Bannon, Peter Navarro, Mike Pence, and countless others.  Others who have been subpoenaed to testify have appeared before the committee and then pleaded the Fifth Amendment, the right not to incriminate oneself by one’s testimony.  I break here for my thoughts…

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