The Coffee Date

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This week’s Story Starter teaser from Fandango is:

If I told him once, I told him a thousand times that he’d be making a grave mistake if he were to…

…put his faith in someone who doesn’t deserve it. He thought he was clever when he chose to align himself with a woman who preys on younger men…a cougar…a jezebel of sorts. I scowled seeing them engaging one another because that was supposed to be me with him. That table was our table, and that chair was my chair. It had been for nearly ten years. As I watched them ogle over one another while sipping their coffees, my eyes filled with desperation. They were using his iPhone camera to take selfies together. I growled inside while seeing them act like high school sweethearts.

We had been through so much together, and I found it hard to express my feelings when he told me he loved her. Our friendship had always been pure, and we always found a way to rally together in the worst times. He had always ignored the signs that I had feelings for him, or maybe he did not want to acknowledge how I felt about him. I wished I could block him out, I thought as I heard him laugh from across the room.

Pull yourself together, Amy. He’s coming.

He walked over to me, smiling in the way he always does, and my chin fell. It was that smile that made me feel like I was the only girl in the room, but I knew that I wasn’t.

“Do you want to join us for a cup of coffee?” He was oblivious to the darts my eyes were throwing towards his coffee date. “You will love her.”

I was pretty sure my eyes rolled as he finished his sentence, and my body was shaking inside. I thought maybe caffeinated nutrition may help, so I agreed. “Sure. Just a cuppa.”

He got excited. I got nauseated. The jealousy I had engrossing my soul was unearthly.

This was not going to end well.


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