Back from Vegas… — The Voice of the Voiceless

Hey everyone! I wrote my post last night on my voices page, and I wanted to share a little bit of Amy with you. I am back and rearing to go 🙂 I have some food pictures that I need to add, and some others that my sister and I took together. Enjoy a little piece of me and my mini vacation. It was my first time in Vegas.



(Warning: there is an area of this post with some opinions at the bottom of the page, but it’s separated by a line.)

I am back! First I am going to share some photos, and then I am going to repent for my actions. I did not leave Vegas richer financially, but I did leave with a wealth of happy times to reflect on later. We stayed at the Paris, and it was nice. I want to first […]

Back from Vegas… — The Voice of the Voiceless

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