E.M.’s Friday Fibs on Sunday

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Melanie is filling in for Frank and co-hosting with Di this week for Fibbing Friday. I am so late getting to my challenges because I have been editing my novel. It’s been three or four days, and I am on the 7th chapter. It’s tedious, but I am enjoying learning myself and my writing style better.

Ok, now that I have babbled on about my novel…let’s get to fibbing 😀 I love Fibbing Friday, and I have not missed it by this far for a minute.

This week’s questions: 

  1. What’s behind the 8 ball?

    Drug charges 😀
  2. What’s up the creek?

    It’s one of those things that you don’t speak of or it will pop out and get ya!
  3. What is hanging when one says, “Hang ten”?

    Underwear on a clothesline
  4. What size pole is it that you wouldn’t touch someone with?

    *snickers* My inside voice is so loud on this one…just saying!
    Poles come in many different lengths. It’s not the size of the pole that matters 🙂
  5. How do you feel when you’re on cloud nine?

    A little higher than cloud eight but lower than cloud ten.
  6. What does “at sixes and sevens” mean?

    You have to grab your crucifix and stay up late, or Freddy is coming for you.
  7. Do you take five?

    Yeah if they give it to me in change at the gas station, but change is a thing of the past now.
  8. Which sport is referenced when the term “four bagger” is used?

    Men’s Soccer…It happens when the player accidentally kicks between the legs of another player. After four times, he’s ejected from the game.
  9. How many rings in the circus?

    As many as you can get over that little bottle that they bounce off of…
  10. What is the loneliest number?

    It isn’t one…it’s two

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