E.M.’s “T” Dream ~ #EM-SRP 24

I had scheduled my Sunday Ramble post wrong (pm instead of am), so it did not post at its scheduled time. Sorry about that, folks! Thanks to Matt D for making me aware that the Ramble was missing.

Here is the scenario for today’s Ramble:

In your dream, you are standing at a T in the road. You have to choose which way to go (backward, forward, left, and right). Behind you is something you fear. In front of you is an obvious destinyTo the left is something you really want. To the right is something you really need.

E.M. Kingston
The visual I made for the prompt.

Here are the questions:

  1. What is the fear behind you?
  2. What is the obvious destiny in front of you?
  3. Would you choose to go back where you came from if the path would bring more good than bad?
  4. If going forward had a negative consequence on your path, would you consider going forward if it was the path with the most reward than the other directions?
  5. After final consideration of all of the paths, which way did you go, and why?

Here are my answers:

  1. The fear behind me is failure and guilt. Failure to the people that rely on me the most, and guilt for the things that have happened in my past.
  2. The obvious destiny in front of me is the ability to become the person that I want to be, which is a mother, a lawyer, a sister, a friend, and a daughter. I want to go to law school, and I hope that it is hiding up there in the unknown space at the T in the road.
  3. Part of me would want to see if I could fix what I broke, and if I could go back to bring good back from a past that has already been so traumatizing, I would absolutely allow myself to backstep.
  4. We all want the most reward, even if it is a path that we did not intend to choose. My negative consequence could be that I miss the mark on getting to become a lawyer, and the positive reward that came of it could be that I was able to become a paralegal and had my entire family back with me. This would cancel out the bad from the path backward for me.
  5. I would never go to the left because wants are less than needs. My needs are important, but it isn’t as important as a positive final reward that lies in front of me. While I would like to fix the path behind me, that is messing with the universal truth for me, so I would definitely dive off into the unpaved path forward.

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