E.M.’s Friday the 13th Fibs

It’s Friday! This week there is a superstitious theme to Fibbing Friday from Di (pensitivity101).

1. How many years bad luck do you get if you break a mirror? One year for each shattered piece that points with the mirrored side up, and if it cracks without breaking into any pieces, you get good luck for the rest of your life.
2. What shouldn’t you walk under? Bats in a cave
3. Why are black cats crossing your path considered unlucky? After they cross your path, your hair turns white.
4. Why do we ‘knock on wood’?
5. Why are horseshoes considered lucky? They are really heavy so they ground you to the universe.
6. Why do we cross our fingers for good luck? It takes the curses away when we tell fibs. I am crossing mine right now.
7. Why is 13 considered an unlucky number? The number 13 brings forth a man in a beat-up hockey mask who walks really slow but can always catch you to stab you to death.
8. On the other hand, why is 7 considered lucky? It’s a peace sign and a high-five in one number.
9. What is signified by itchy hands? Nervousness.
10. Why should you not put shoes on the table? Shoes are icky and walk through everything…why would you want them on your table? 🤢

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