E.M.’s Gadgets

It has been a while since I participated in this challenge, and I thought it would be fun to get back to it. GC and SueW host this Wednesday Challenge on Weekly Prompts.

The theme of this challenge is Gadgets.

The question asked was:

Do you have a favorite or is your storage area filled with unopened gizmos that you once thought you needed and then the necessity of the moment directed your attention to another more important gadget?

I recently stopped smoking cigarettes and began vaping. In the past, I had quit smoking for two years, and then my ex and my mother wouldn’t stop smoking around me. Needless to say, I began smoking again and more than I did before I quit the first time. I was taking in about 3 packs a day if life was stressful. I always told myself if cigarettes made it to $10 a pack that I would stop smoking. They are $9.83 for my Camel Crush now, so it was time.

With that being said, I quit by switching to vaping. So, I still have my nicotine, but I do not have the tar from the tobacco, and I am weaning myself down on my nicotine levels little by little.

So, for this prompt, my favorite gadget would have to be my Vaporesso Vape Pen. It has the power of a mod box in a pen.

This is the pen that I have (the rainbow one), and I have been tobacco-free for a little over a month.

Image Credit: Direct Vapor

4 thoughts on “E.M.’s Gadgets

  1. Sounds like a pretty good gadget.
    I’m delighted you stopped smoking and I’m certain your body will be grateful to you. Well done! And thank you for taking part in our challenge.

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    1. I am working my way up to my box mod. I used to be a huge hobbyist with the vaping because I enjoy it so much more than smoking. Little by little I am dropping nicotine level, and then it will just be a hobby more than a need, if that makes sense 🙂


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