E.M.’s Friday Fibs

  1. What did the couch say to the toilet?
    Are you this Quilted Northern I keep hearing about?
  2. What caused the last traffic jam in town?
    The ex-mayor was actually seen out in the community shaking hands.
  3. What really powers the Internet?
  4. What is really between Trump’s ears?
    Shit. (So that probably isn’t a lie)…ummm psychotic delusions? That’s probably not a lie either *shrugs* Let’s see…between Trump’s ears…nope I got nothing. That’s it! Nothing is between his ears! (still not a lie) Oh well, I tried 😀
  5. What is in the heart of Africa?
    The Lion King Simba and Nala.
  6. What was the last meal eaten in the Garden of Eden?
    Deviled Eggs
  7. Who built the pyramids in the Yucatan?
    The Vatican
  8. What is the highest form of flattery?
    A slap on the bum
  9. Speakeasies were not secret bars, what were they?
    A secret society of monks that always spoke easily in meditation.
  10. Alcatraz isn’t a prison, what is it really?
    A gangster’s paradise
  11. What is in hamburger?
    It depends where you order your burger.
  12. What is the real question and answer to number #12?
    Are we still living in 1619? Probably…that’s what my Secret 8 Ball says. (except I haven’t owned one since I was 12. I need to add it to my birthday list.)

These are my fibs for Fibbing Friday to the best of my fibbing capabilities ❤ 😀

xoxo, E.M.


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