Saturday Friday Fibbing ~ 4/22/2022

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Good morning! Here are my silly answers to Frank’s week of Fibbing Friday! I get to go get my hair done today, and I am super excited. I am up way too early though. I had a bad night of sleep. Happy Saturday everyone!

  1. Finish the quote: One of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s most famous lines is, “I’ll be…”

    “I’ll be…teaching the birds and the bees to kindergarteners.”
  2. Finish the song title: One of Randy Newman’s best known songs is “Why Can’t We…”

    “Why Can’t We…Do The Mash…The Monster Mash…Ahhh OOOO”
  3. Twilight wasn’t about a teenage girl who falls in love with a vampire. What was it about?

    Glittery humans with painted on abs
  4. What made Blade different from the vampires he hunted?

    He’s related to the Death Dealers in Underworld.
  5. In what movie did Billy Crystal play a character named, Miracle Max?

    Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome
  6. The Goonies wasn’t about a group of kids searching for a lost treasure. What was it about?

    The zombie apocalypse
  7. What was name of the character that Alan Rickman played in the first movie that he starred in?

  8. In The Professional, who does Natalie Portman’s character shoot with a paint pellet?

    Jay Leno
  9. The Phantom of the Opera isn’t about a disfigured man who terrorizes a Paris opera house. What is it about?

    A ghost named Tom was not able to member that he had died a long time ago. He always loved the Opera, so he stays in the theater and haunts everyone with his singing.

My silly answers are for Fibbing Friday.


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