L is for Listening ~ #atozchallenge2022

For this post, I want “listening” to be music that is appealing to me this week. Sometimes I am all over the place with music, and other times I listen to just one genre at a time. I thought this post would be a great eclectic post filled with many genres of music. If the lyrics are hard to understand, I will share them in the videos. I will share two or three in each genre. Hopefully I will be your personal DJ for the night πŸ™‚

Yay! Let’s get started on a post I am pretty excited to share since I love music! I will write about each one of these songs to show you what they mean to me. My list will be the epitome of eclectic.

The 80s ~ If anyone has not figured it out, I love my 80s music as much as I love current R&B music.

One of my favorites of Tina Turner’s songs…my favorite is actually Nutbush City Limits.
My dad’s girlfriend had a bunkhouse off of her garage that was like my own little house when I would visit. Wham! was always in my tape player.
An overlooked amazing song…

The Hairbands of the 80s ~ We gotta rock out a little in this genre πŸ™‚

This song always had me singing and putting it on repeat.
I love the way their voices compliment one another. Ozzy and Lita in one song was pretty bad ass and still is.
This was one of those cruisin’ songs that never got old. It’s hard to pick just one Def Leppard song, but I must if I want to move on to the next genre πŸ™‚

Random Songs I Thought of While Writing This Post ~ It’s funny how one song can trigger a chain of songs that take you back to a memory in your life that you want to remember or just a song that you always enjoyed listening to. These are those songs.

I am not sure why I fell in love with this song so much, except it’s got that funky sound, and the fact that it was torture for her to record this song if you go by the movie “What’s Love Got to Do With It”.
I’ve been this girl before. I spent a majority of my life in episodes without a diagnosis. I partied hard, and I wasn’t afraid of much. I was hard to control. This song always gave me a way to refocus.
When I first found Creed, I was obsessed with buying all of their CDs. It was another band that spoke to me in my chaos of living with BP.
My oldest daughter’s dad, Chris, introduced me to this band, and I would listen to this entire tape everyday when I would drive him back and forth to work in Crawfordsville, IN. They are a great group if you have never heard them.
Many a’ nights with many a’ drinks and many a’ friends on this one…

YouTube Suggestion Inspired ~ You know how when you are listening to songs on YouTube and it will give suggested songs on the side based on the song you are listening to? That is what these songs are from, and I always love to look down the list.

This song has been in my playlist for a little while, but I love this song. The lyrics made me think of my Dad.
So…this song was one I found like right before I moved to California. It was one that always spoke to that little voice inside my head that something was wrong with my life and the situation I was in. I could never feel happy in my relationship, and I just wanted silence and to be left alone.
I am so glad that no one let me give up on myself. This song reminds me of that.
This was definitely one of my main songs in 2017. I had to find myself all over again.
Can you see a theme of my life before actually finding out who I wanted to be and what I wanted to feel? This is another one of those songs of my self-doubt, but I absolutely love this song. It’s so hopeful! Even though you go through bad relationships, they do not have to define you.

I was going to do a guided post, but it ended up just going with the flow. I will end this post with one last song, but I think I may have to make a habit of doing this. I feel great after sharing all of this with all of you! πŸ™‚ I hope you enjoyed the songs!

We are never alone. Keep looking!

xoxo, E.M.

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