H.A.B.I.T. ~ Contributor’s Acronyms

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On my Sunday Ramble, I asked everyone to come up with an acronym for the word “habit”. There were some great acronyms, so I wanted to share them. They were positive and uplifting, and maybe they can help someone with habits.

My habit acronym was: Have A Better Intention Together

Here is a list of HABITs from my amazing WP contributors:

Pensitivity101 ~ Halt All Bad Influences Today

Sadi Rose ~ Health And Behavior In Training

Silly Frog’s Blog ~ Heck, Any Burden Is Tough

Matt D ~ Halt And Be In Tune

A Multitude of Musings from Astrid ~ Helpful Actions Bring Infinite Thankfulness

Melanie B. Cee ~ How Abiding By Innate-ness Triumphs

Fandango ~ Have A Blast In Time

Writer Ravenclaw ~ How Another Breathes In Time.

John Holton ~ Have A Beer, It’s Time!

Therapy Bits ~ Have a blast, its time!

PCGuyIV ~ Hear All Before I Talk

Do you have an acronym for H.A.B.I.T? Feel free to write yours in the comments πŸ™‚


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