Fandango’s What Would You Do?

Fandango over at 5.0 had a really good question after Elon Musk’s offer to buy Twitter for 43 BILLION…Let me repeat that…BILLION dollars.

His questions was:

What would you do for the world if you had 43 billion dollars to spend on anything and, when your done, you’d still be a multi-billionaire?

I am going to make a list, and it will be in the order of importance for me and my children. Then it will lead to the world:

  1. I would pay off every bit of my bill debt, student loans, and personal debts.
  2. I would give all three of my children an equal agreed-upon amount of money each to spend on what they need or want.
  3. I would make sure that I had all of my final planning done in case of death so that my children do not have to figure it out on their own.
  4. I would buy myself a home, fix my car to my liking, and pay for all my subscription services for at least a year.
  5. At a local level, I would start my own non-profit to help the unhoused and ex-incarcerated individuals in California.
  6. At a country level, I would start a foundation to help with making sure each and every law enforcement agency in the United States had a Criminal Integrity Unit that was comprised of volunteer officers concerned about the mass incarceration and wrongful conviction statistics in this country.
  7. For the world, I would be the best philanthropist I could be in helping with the biggest issues going on in the world. If people are hungry, I will feed them. If the water is dirty, I will help fix their water system. If they need medication, I will help them get medication. I would be of service and travel to wherever I was needed the most.

After all of that, I would pass on my legacy to my children, and I would live out the rest of my days in the sunshine.

xoxo, E.M.

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