E.M.’s Friday Fibs 😂 4/15/2022

This week’s Fibbing Friday asks us:

Who sang these?

1.   Money, Money, Money

It has probably been said, but definitely Elon Musk.

Image from SpaceX

2.   Another Brick in the Wall

Bob the Builder

Image Credit: Mouth Shut

3.   Rocket Man

Buzz Lightyear

Image Credit: The Fact Site

4.   Everybody wants to rule the world

Image Credit: The Real Lib Warrior via Twitter

5.   Life on Mars

R2D2 Courtesy of ClipGround

6.   Monster Mash

Image Courtesy of PhotoShopBattles

7.   Tiptoe through the Tulips

Image Courtesy of Screen Rant

8.   I wanna hold your hand

Image Credit: RBMP

9.   Ruby Tuesday

Frankie and Boomer
Image Credit: YouTube

10. Get the Party Started.


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