Friends [Reblog]

Such beautiful imagery…crafted in my mind with words!

Writer Ravenclaw

There was a time when all we had was time.

Now, this was but a snippet of history, where three friends got together, in a busy world. Once a month, on a Sunday, we ditched our husbands, and children and took an hour to marvel at the clouds.

”That one looks like an elephant, on a roller coaster,’ Julie said, her brunette hair now out of a bottle. She went grey a few years ago, but never did lose her spirit.

‘Hmm . . . Let me think,’ I said, for I was always the one in her own world. ‘I think that looks like a horse, on a beach, with flowers in its hair.’

Masie said nothing, she was too busy snoring. She didn’t want to look at the clouds today, all she wanted to do was sleep. Mind you, when you are the mum of a three month…

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