E.M.’s Truth ~ 3/22/2022 (Explicit ~ kind of)

Melanie B. Cee @ Sparks From A Combustible Mind is filling in for Frank (PCGuyIV) while he takes a break on Truthful Tuesday, and her question for us to tell the truth about today is:

What do you do when you’ve reached the end of your rope about something you may feel conflicted or guilty about? Don’t we all need time off?

This question comes at a great time, and I may ramble a little bit…but it will be a much-needed ramble šŸ™‚

First, I have been watching the confirmation hearing the past two days, and I am at the end of my rope with some of those senators for being overgrown children that are throwing tantrums, namely Cotton, Cruz, Graham, Kennedy, and the list goes on. They need to leave that woman alone. She’s doing great at their attacks though, and Durbin is doing a good job at moderating to a degree. There’s been a lot of drama lol.

Tuesday (yesterday now), I spent the day texting voters in California, Louisiana (I am praying for them after the tornado), Michigan, and Indiana. The topics were DA elections in Sacramento County, the Equal Act (racial disparity in sentencing for crack and cocaine convictions), and women’s health (Roe v. Wade blowback). Now mind you…I volunteer all of my time right now when I can, and I’ve been doing so for over a year with ACLU.

People fill out forms in correspondence with the organization and ask to be contacted. It’s not unsolicited contact. Cold contacts. These are people that have said, “I want to help!” So, when you do contact them, you get told to “get a life” and many other rude and angry messages from some. Now, I got more positive responses than negative, and I was able to change a few minds on what I was doing to help them if the answers were negative.

The text I send says “Hi _____, I am Amy, a volunteer with _______”, so from the get-go, they see that I am a volunteer.

Some of the things that the voters said, I understood and could feel where they were coming from. I wanted to help the ones that were assholes. I really did. I wanted to find out what made them so damn angry. (Sorry for the language, but it’s true.) I didn’t do anything to them but ask them to contact the people they elected to do the job for their states and counties. I didn’t understand the attacks, and some sent graphic images. (I have received a dick pic believe it or not…followed by what I could do with it šŸ¤¢šŸ¤®). Anyway…that’s what I deal with, and it’s okay. I will pray for them to stop being so angry, but I do feel guilty for the ones that I could not help today. I feel bad that someone hurt them so bad that they had to be a complete jerk to someone they didn’t know or care to listen to.

So, this has become a huge ramble for me, but I worked most of my Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. talking to voters. I don’t know if my time was wasted, but there is where my conflict lies. Did I help anyone? I had 10 people tell me that they thank me for what I do. I texted over 3,000 people.

Tomorrow, I am going to finish out the replies that are sitting in my inbox, and then I am taking a day to myself. I am going to give my furbabies a bath, and I am going to write and play my games. I will get back at it on the 30th when they open up a new county to ask the hard questions. I am going to force some time off. I have put in 80 hours the past month, which is a lot for a volunteer. I always find pieces of training to enter to learn more about my craft.

What do I do when I am at the end of my rope, I pray. I do something to take my mind off of the negativity and the conflict that is causing me guilt. I am learning to give it to God. I will pray for them, and I will forgive all of those angry folks.

It’s all I can do. I will keep up the good fight and put my pain in His hands. They will get my prayers and forgiveness, and I will move on from their behaviors.

xoxo, E.M.

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