He came to me in a time of need

…or so I thought and felt indeed.

A time of sadness mixed with a little lonely

I thought I would be his “one and only”

I wasn’t though, for this you shall see

I wasn’t enough, or at least that was my decree

I couldn’t have changed its failure or events

My mental health weaved me into lives I wished to prevent

I had always been aloof, barely held afloat in my life

‘Til I met him and thought I found a cure to my strife

A permanent love that would never fail me or hurt

Until the day I found my heart lying in the dirt

I chose a different faraway instead of an end

It was a battle my heart was not strong enough to contend

As he walked away it cracked and inside it peeled

To be frank, it’s still not healed.

7 thoughts on “Unhealed

  1. Zelda Winter

    It can definitely take a while, Sister…I’m nearly 70, still hoping for “it” all to go away. That’s a big reason my faith is golden to me–keeps me afloat. Much love, Z

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          1. Zelda Winter

            One thing that helps me is to use visual action: I cup my hands with the burden in them, and physically cast/toss it toward the picture of Jesus above my desk. 🙂

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