E.M.’s Answer to Sunday Poser #72

Sadje asks a very appropriate question this week for her Sunday Poser. I have been a little late to the party lately, but I want to be sure to chime in on this one since it is important.

First, I want to discuss what both of these terms mean. It’s important to see the difference.

According to Merriam-Webster, patriotism is “the love of one’s country”, while nationalism is “loyalty or devotion to a nation”. Loyalty is different than love. Devotion is different than love. You can have both patriotism and nationalism at once, but I do not believe the terms to be the same thing. Just like a nation and a country is not the same thing, which also affects my view on both of these terms.

Now, I will explain further.

A nation is where you live in a political sense, and a country is where you are born. I believe that you can have more love for the place you are born in than the place where you practice life.

Loyalty is being faithful and not turning your back, but that does not mean that you love the thing you are giving your loyalty to.

Devotion is giving yourself to a cause, but like loyalty, you can be devout without actually knowing how to love the thing you give your love to.

My example of patriotism would be the people of Ukraine. They love their country so much that they are loyal to the cause of fighting for it.

My further explanation of nationalism is standing by your county because it’s your country. I suppose the best example of this would be Marina Ovsyannikova not accepting asylum from France to stay safe from harm in Russia.

Patriotism is not the insurrection on January 6, 2021. I just wanted to be clear about that.

I think there is a coldness in nationalism that just does not ring happily in my ears or eyes when I hear or see it. I also think that patriotism in this country is situational and fake most of the time. The love of this country (U.S.) is spread much thinner amongst the people than what it used to be. It seems to be normal for folks to do things in the name of patriotism, but like those of the insurrection… they’re full of it and are misguided by their own weaknesses. They need to call it patriotism because they will never admit what it actually is, which is domestic terrorism.

Let me get off my rant before I offend folks lol! The world is a mess, and I have a big mouth 😀

xoxo, E.M.

15 thoughts on “E.M.’s Answer to Sunday Poser #72

    1. Both patriotism, and nationalism are negative terms when humanity is taken into account… and are used copiously by all those who do not see, or want ‘the other’ as an equal… one can say stridently I LOVE MY COUNTRY… but the soil of every land for will drink your blood… and the maggots of every land will eat what is left of your flesh… does this mean that the soil, and the maggots of every land KNOW, and LOVE to more…?

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      1. In today’s vernacular, these terms have accrued a negative intonation. If being patriotic means to love our country and to try to make it better for everyone then it’s a good thing. But to oppress others in the name of patriotism is not allowed. Thanks for sharing your thoughts

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        1. Sadje… you bring up a salient point… the love of country… my Country is Planet Earth… and every man, woman, and child on it is a brother, and a sister… even those leaders around the World who should be locked up for the safety of us all… the Earth is but one Country… and we are all Citizens on this Pearl in the vastness of the cosmos… we could learn a lot from the birds, and insects who recognize this fact…!

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    2. Both of you make really great points, and if we all could adopt the positive thinking of our country being Earth maybe things would look different. The problem is that the seven sins exist to separate the good from the bad. Greed is the biggest one for me…because if not for greed than there would be less oppression and division. The man or woman standing next to me in the market can be radically conservative in their political views, but I would never know. The only way I know is if I hear them speak their own truth. Bettering the country we embrace with our love, loyalty, and dedication would be the ideal perspective of patriotism…but personal agendas mean more than the soil that Moriba speaks of.

      Thanks for a great conversation to read, though I am getting to it late again. I started writing on Sebastian’s story again and got distracted lol.

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  1. Zelda Winter

    You make some excellent points, Amy!! I don’t want to get started about the Jan 6, ’21 mess–or most of the rioting that took over during the pandemic. But what is most puzzling to me is loyalty within families who are cruelly abusive–I can’t even go there either.


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