A Hidden Gem in the Darkness ~ #writephoto

Image Credit: KL Caley

“Can you see anything down there?” Leah hollered down to Camille, her best friend.

Camille could hear her friend at the bottom of the stairs and answered back, “It’s really dark! We are going to need a lamp or flashlight.”

Her voice was like a song’s harmony as it echoed back into her ears after bouncing off of the stone walls, and she realized she was standing in a bigger room, even though she could not even see the inside of her eyelids when she shut them.

“Here I come with the flashlights from the car, and I brought the blankets and gear too!” Leah said in a very happy and excited tone.

As she stepped down the stairs and descended down into the darkness with all of the gear, she allowed the light to shine around the most beautiful room that emerged from the darkness.

Camille smiled and looked at Leah as the light grazed past her friend’s face and said, “Welcome home! Do you love it?”

Written for KL Caley’s #writephoto and the Six Sentence Stories prompt


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    1. Thank you so much for the kind comment 🙂 It has kind of shown how we see the darkness before we see the light. Judging…with our eyes instead of our hearts and mind. I appreciate the comment, Gr8.


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