E.M.’s Fibs of the Friday…err Saturday

  1. What is Mick Jagger known for?

    A mullet
  2. What do Ronnie Milsap and Stevie Wonder have in common?

    Syrup and bread…
  3. What was the rock musical, Tommy really about?

    Chris Farley
  4. What was Liberace’s claim to fame?

    His terrible stance on politics *shrugs*
  5. Why were bubbles such a big part of The Lawrence Welk Show?

    Everyone was obsessed with bubbles in the 80s…I know I was.
  6. What exactly is chamber music?

    *laughs like Butthead on Beevis and Butthead* Have you seen 50 Shades of Gray…?
  7. What physical impairment did Ludwig van Beethoven suffer from?

    Bad choice in sexual partners *shrugs again*
  8. What type of music was popular during the Big Band Era?

    Hip Hop
  9. What is Weird Al Yankovic known for?

    An annoying voice?
  10. What did Sonny Bono do once he left the entertainment industry?

    Found a new babe named Susie and then another named Mary…He no longer had Cher. Cher was too busy riding motorcycles with Sam Elliot 🙂

My fibs above are for PCGuyIV’s questions for Fibbing Friday, and my humor went a little dark, sorry! 🙂