Never A Man of Her Own ~ #FSS & #OLWG

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Last week’s Story Starter teaser from Fandango was:

She was quite serious when she looked me straight in the eye and said…

“That’s not a place you want to go with me…”

She did not break her stare into my eyes…just kept looking at me with contempt. I thought that I might go ahead and change the words that I used with her, but then I realized that I will not allow her to bully me.

“I suppose it isn’t ‘the place’ you want me to go with you, but guess what? You break people. You break relationships.” Anna was referring to the fact that Trina only dated married men, and she missed the person that her friend was before she was a homewrecker.

“That’s pretty harsh. You are supposed to be my friend. What kind of friend does that?”

“Does what, Trin…tell you the truth? I will always do that. I will always tell you when you are messing up. Leave this guy alone. He has two kids at home. Are you going to raise them if you split their mommy and daddy up for good sex?”

Oliver and Virgil have not been happy for years. He has only stayed for his children.” Trina sat down at the kitchen table and sipped her coffee. “He would never expect me to be their mother, Anna.”

“See…you never see the bigger picture, Trin. You just do what you want no matter who you hurt. Of course, you aren’t going to be their mother. It’s a fling…an infatuation. He will never leave his wife for you, and if he does…guess what you have? TWO KIDS!”

Trina stomped her feet on the ground in a bit of a tantrum at the foregoing statements that Anna had thrown at her. The words hurt. She was good at playing the victim, so she played like she was fumbling for a cigarette and turned on her tear factory.

“You know what? You are being hard on me for no reason. I think I am just going to go.” She stood up from the table, with her Marlboro cigarette burning in hand, and stared blankly at Anna.

Anna turned her back to her, looking out the kitchen window above the sink. “Just go, Trin. Go do what you do. Nothing I can say will ever stop you.”

“Is that what you really want…for me to leave?” Trin stretched her neck, like an ostrich, around to see Anna’s expression while standing directly behind her.

Anna pushed a tear away from her cheek before Trina could see it, and said, “When you grow up and find a way to find your own man, not someone that belongs to others, I will be right here. Until then, please just go.”

Trina stood there with her jaw locked together from the tension. She was waiting for Anna to turn back around. She always turns back around, Trina thought. “Anna…Nana Bear…”

Anna walked out of the room after opening the back door for Trina to walk out. She never saw or heard from Trina again.

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9 thoughts on “Never A Man of Her Own ~ #FSS & #OLWG

  1. Wow, this is awesome but so sad. I really relate to this story. I’ve confronted a friend before who was not only cheating on her own husband but with a married man who had kids. It wasn’t an easy thing to do. Great job. KL ❤️

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    1. I am honored that you enjoyed it, but sad that you could related. I, too, wrote that with it hitting close to home. Your friend sounds like the muse for that story in my life. Thank you, KL! xoxo, EM ❤


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