Peace and Quiet [Reblog]

Thank you for such an amazing interpretation of the prompts!
xoxo, E.M.

Writer Ravenclaw

He was a unique man with the cunning ability to put people at their ease. He didn’t charge anyone. He showed them that life was more than technology, work, and stress.

Walking in the woodlands, along with his Rottweiler, Scamp, he showed them a different life. All he asked was they left their mobiles at home. They were too distracting. Every few seconds, he could see the signs of stress. They needed to let go of their daily life to make things better.

As they went deeper into the forest, he would show them nature at its finest. A nest of baby robins, the way the sun filtered through the trees, a river flowing towards the sea, but not caring about the direction it was going.

He was a guru of peace, and he wanted them to find what he searched for as a young man. Once a lawyer…

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