A Drink Goodbye ~ #FSS 36

This week’s Story Starter teaser from Fandango is:

As soon as he saw her enter the room, he got the distinct feeling that he should…

As soon as he saw her enter the room, he got the distinct feeling that he should deter her advancement towards him by ducking out the back door. She was furious. Her cheeks were flushed with the brightest red he had ever seen, and he was not going to stick around for her to hand his own ass right back to him for interfering in her plea deal.

“Jeffery…” she yelled out into the room full of people. “Get back here you coward!” The polka dots on her blouse were expanding with the heavy breaths from her hot temper.

He knew if he didn’t turn around and confront the issue that Avery’s voice would not stop shouting and making a fool of the both of them. In her harried demeanor, she could be quite obnoxious, which is what made her a great lawyer for her clients.

“Oh hey, Avery!” Jeffery tried to act like he wasn’t trying to dash out the back door. “I was heading to the can, sorry.”

He patronized her. The room was already chaos of eyes and chatter from her outburst.

“Stop it…just stop!” She rolled her eyes and leaned into the barstool. “I was born on a day, but it was not yesterday. Have you ever heard that saying?” It was her turn to be condescending.

Jeffery laughed at her tone, which caught him another glare from her blue eyes.

“Real funny, Avery… What are you bitching about anyway? Your guy gets minimal time, and you get to go home tonight instead of preparing all night for me to beat you tomorrow in front of the jury.” He shrugged and sipped his beer.

“Minimal time…for a crime he did not commit? That’s what you are selling me?” She pushed his beer glass out of his reach and got close to his face. “I will see you in court, Jeff. Your boss is going to have serious implications in front of that jury tomorrow. By the time this is over, your office will be paying settlements to Mr. Ryan.”

He had to admit that her aggression made him want to inquire for more discovery in the case, but the DA’s office would not be very understanding if it looked like he was doubting the conviction.

“Just calm down, Avery. Have a drink.”

Jeffery ordered her a gin and tonic. The bartender giggled a bit when he did since she knew it was going to go over terribly. Avery was not buying what Jeff was selling, and she was sick of his cocky attitude. The one that reminds her that she works around a bunch of boys trying to be men.

The bartender, who was smiling still, set the drink in front of Avery and winked. “Sure, Jeff…I’ll have a drink and calm down.”

She picked up the perfectly made beverage, toasted against Jeff’s Heinekin beer, and put the glass to her mouth. She didn’t drink. She just let it rest there until he brought his eyes to hers. As soon as he did, she flicked the entire contents of the drink in his face.

“You need it more than I do. See you tomorrow…” and she walked out of the bar, flipping him the bird.

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