Truths About Issues by E.M. ~ #TruthfulTuesday

I am running late on this post by a few days, but Frank (PCGuyIV) asked a really great question for me to tell my truth about on Truthful Tuesday.

The question:

What issue or issues are forefront in your mind at the moment?

My answer:

This is my list of issues in my mind right now:

  1. How did the world get so messed up? Why aren’t we doing more to help Ukraine?
  2. My next appointment to address my pain…it’s on March 18.
  3. My babies moving out. I am happy for them, but I will miss them being with me everyday.
  4. My car is acting up.
  5. My impatience to be able to register for my paralegal classes. I have to wait for the summer session, and I am really excited to get started.
  6. Current state of the criminal legal system…
  7. All the work I have to get done this next week for my chapter.
  8. Do I do enough?
  9. Will I be alone forever (romantically)? I saw him today. I always miss him when I see him. He helped my daughter move. He’s always been solid for her.
  10. Building my legal library
  11. Finishing touches to my room
  12. Is anyone checking on the missile site in Cuba?
  13. I don’t recognize the world today. I remember watching Ronald Reagan on the news talking about the war on drugs, and now I am watching a war.

I am sure there is more, but I am tired. My mind goes a million miles a minute sometimes…most times.

xoxo, E.M.

12 thoughts on “Truths About Issues by E.M. ~ #TruthfulTuesday

    1. I finally got some sleep, and I am about to get some more. We got my babies moved into their new place today. I miss them, but it’s a good move. We’re definitely blessed by your prayers for us. Big hugs and blessings to you my friend! ❤

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    1. I mean…I understand we are scared of him declaring a nuclear war, but there are other ways to help them. I heard Blinken say that “Americans do not belong over there…” and about fell out of my chair. If they think he is stopping on the border of Ukraine, I worry that they do not see Putin’s delusional picture in his head. Bullies don’t stop being bullies.

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