Outrage!!! [Reblog]


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It was late at night on March 13th 2020 when three police officers claim they knocked on Breonna Taylor’s door in Louisville, Kentucky.  Breonna, tired from a long day at work as an emergency room technician at the University of Louisville Health department, and her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, were asleep and did not hear the knock.  What they did hear was three Louisville police officers using a battering ram to break down the door in a forced entry to the apartment.  Mr. Walker, thinking a robber was breaking in, reached for his gun and fired a single shot, hitting one of the officers in the leg.  What happened next is absolute proof that the Louisville Police Department needs training and psychological evaluations for its officers!

All three officers opened fire, releasing a torrent of some 32 rounds of ammunition into the apartment, six of which hit Breonna Taylor who…

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