Fibs of Friday ~ 3/4/2022

Di was the host for this week’s Fibbing Friday.

1. What kind of dog was Lassie?

Chinese Crested

Image Credit: Pinterest

2. Who was Toto’s owner?

Toto belonged to the flying monkeys.

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3. What breed of dog was Beethoven?

Neapolitan Mastiff

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4. Who was Goofy’s best buddie?


5. How many dogs starred in The Incredible Journey?

Just enough…

6. What made Superdog super?

the word “super”

7. What is meant by Dogma?

It’s the doggie code word that means “attack”.

8. What is ‘flyball’?

A ball that grows wings and is attracted to rotting flesh. Flies love dead things.

9. Who introduced ‘WALKIES!’ into their training programmes?

Luke Skywalker…

10. What is frontline used for?

It’s used as an express lane that only dogs can use to move to the front.

10 thoughts on “Fibs of Friday ~ 3/4/2022

    1. You’re welcome! I’m sorry I have missed so much about your new furbaby, lil Miss Maya…my daughter has been moving and preparing to move for about a month, and we finally got her in her new place today with baby and a new puppy. She got a cha-wienie. So cute! She has spice and is very loud when she is not on someone’s lap. 😀


        1. Thanks, Di! It’s been a learning process lol. My sister helped her purchase an RV, and it’s just new and different. We are all learning. She has a great neighbor that has been handy though 🙂

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